April 5, 2024

BREAKING NEWS | Leo Schofield’s parole hearing set for April 17th

BREAKING NEWS | Leo Schofield’s parole hearing set for April 17th

BREAKING NEWS: Leo Schofield’s parole hearing set for April 17th.


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Speaker 1: Hi, everyone, Gilbert and Kelsey from Bone Valley here. We've just received some important news we'd like to share with you. Leo Schofield's next parole hearing has been scheduled for April seventeenth. Last year, the Commission denied him parole and instead voted to transfer Leo to Everglade's Correctional Institution, where he's been taking classes to build skills that will help prepare him for life outside of prison. At this upcoming hearing, the Parole Commission will vote on what happens next. They'll either decide that Leo should be released on parole and sent to a halfway house, or they'll decide he will remain incarcerated.

Speaker 2: The hearing is set for nine am in Tallahassee April seventeenth. Gilbert and I will both be there to cover the hearing and the vote, and we will work to bring you news about the outcome as soon as we can.

Speaker 1: Thank you for following us and Leo along this journey. We're not done yet. Stay tuned for more updates right here and on all social media platforms at Lava for Good