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First time author
Maccabee is an amazing podcast host. He and Chelsea are the unspoken heroes for new authors; established ones as well. They uncover answers to the questions most authors forget to ask. WhT a joy to be a guest son their show.

Great podcast
This is how you do a great podcast: create fun conversations. Ask smart, deep questions. Do this for every episode. These folks have it all. This one is worth your time if you're interested in exploring creativity, culture, and good conversation. Highly recommended.

Great conversations
Love this podcast, especially the focus on character development! Maccabee asks great questions that go deep into each author’s creative process. It feel like you get to know each storyteller he interviews on a personal level

Above and beyond!
Welcoming podcast where you can take a deep dive into the journey that authors took to write amazing stories.

Amazing Hosts!
Love this Podcast!

Truth about Tommy Keane
Hosts were fun and welcoming, great fun interview! I am now a fan!

Love it!
Great hosts, good questions lively conversations !!

There's More to the Story
I love how Maccabee and Marccella help listeners see the story behind the story. Excellent podcast!

The Real Deal!
I love this Podcast because Maccabee actually reads the authors books prior to the interview. This allows for a totally transparent and constructive conversation. He and Marcella are always looking at ways to get better and bring on influential guests! Highly recommend!

Thorough and Thought-Provoking
This podcast truly goes “beyond the pen.” I enjoy the Q

Love the Conversational Style!
Maccabee and Marccella are a dynamic duo! Their interview style allows for a free flow to occur. I felt like I sat down with our coffees on the porch to discuss life, it’s tribulations and triumphs! For anyone looking to be interviewed on Podcasts, this one is a must do! Their questions are well-thought out and insightful! They will pull out the best you have to offer!

Amazing hosts, fun podcast!
I really enjoy listening to these hosts because they do exactly what the name says, they take the listener beyond the words the author wrote on the page. I had the privilege to be a guest and was pleasantly surprised how I was challenged to dig into the backstory of my book. Amazing podcast!

Great Vibes
I had the chance to not only listen to the show but also be a guest! And it was a great experience. Flowed really well with the conversation. Thank you for having me on! Much love

Great hosts!
Love the show! Interviews are from a great perspective and show preparedness and thought.

Amazing Podcast With Amazing Mission
I love listening to Maccabbe and Marccella as they highlight the works of amazing authors. This is a great podcast for book lovers and authors alike! I highly recommend this podocast!

Cheryl Ilov
What a fabulous podcast with a charming and engaging host. Mack’s interview style is warm, conversational, and he connects with his guests at a deep and personal level so his listeners really can read between the lines. I highly recommend it!

As a debut author I love this show. Listening to the back story of authors and what’s behind them, their writing and the story is refreshing. While I love learning about craft, it’s more fascinating to me to hear how writers started, and how their stories came to be. Keep the great guests coming.