Feb. 7, 2024

Redefining Success: Logan Niles' Journey from Kitchen Battles to Entrepreneurial Triumphs

Redefining Success: Logan Niles' Journey from Kitchen Battles to Entrepreneurial Triumphs
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All The Way Authentic

Welcome to another episode of All The Way Authentic podcast, where we delve into the raw realities and empowering insights of entrepreneurship. In this episode, host Kevin P. Henry engages in a candid conversation with Logan Niles, the visionary founder of Blue Nile Consulting. Together, they explore the entrepreneurship, uncovering invaluable lessons and strategies for success.

Logan shares her remarkable journey, spanning various industries and roles, highlighting her unwavering commitment to the entrepreneurial spirit. She opens up about her past experiences in the culinary world, shedding light on the prevalent issues of sexism and the harassment she faced as a female chef in the male-dominated restaurant industry of the early '90s. Her candid account offers valuable insights into the harsh realities entrepreneurs often encounter and the importance of finding support and guidance during tough times.

Throughout the episode, Logan and Kevin delve into the significance of authenticity in entrepreneurship, emphasizing the power of vulnerability and transparency in building meaningful connections and fostering growth. They discuss the stigma surrounding vulnerability in the business world and the transformative impact of embracing one's authentic self.

Moreover, Logan offers invaluable insights into the importance of seeking support and guidance from mentors and coaches, especially during challenging times. Her emphasis on the role of mentorship in providing a safe space for discussing struggles and strategizing solutions resonates deeply with entrepreneurs seeking guidance on their journey.

Closing out this episode, Kevin expresses his gratitude to Logan for sharing her wisdom and experiences with authenticity and candor. Their conversation serves as a beacon of inspiration for entrepreneurs, reminding them that success is not defined by smooth sailing but by resilience, authenticity, and a willingness to embrace challenges head-on.

Tune in to All The Way Authentic for more empowering conversations and actionable insights from industry experts like Logan Niles. Join us as we navigate the complexities of entrepreneurship and celebrate the power of authenticity.

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The All The Way Authentic Podcast with Kevin P. Henry talks about all things diversity and inclusion, mental health, and empowerment. 


Kevin P. Henry has worked in the Diversity-Equity-Inclusion, communications, and training field for over 30 years. He also has extensive experience as a journalist, voice actor, and writer. Currently, he works for the private and public sectors, businesses, organizations, and nonprofits. Kevin utilizes a variety of skills to meet the needs of clients, which include strategic planning, training, facilitation, and writing.

While living in Hawaii, Kevin developed educational programs for high school students that focused on career planning, writing, and video production. In addition, he worked with domestic violence survivors and at-risk youth coordinating career planning workshops.  

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