May 1, 2024

Behind the Byline: Navigating Sports Journalism with Jerry Brewer

Behind the Byline: Navigating Sports Journalism with Jerry Brewer
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Welcome to All The Way Authentic! I'm your host, Kevin P. Henry. In today's episode, we dive into sports journalism with award-winning veteran journalist Jerry Brewer. Jerry is also the president of the Seattle Association of Black Journalists. (SABJ).

Jerry Brewer, a sports columnist for the Washington Post, brings a wealth of experience to the table. A graduate of Western Kentucky University, Jerry's journey in journalism began over eight years ago at the Seattle Times. He's also left his mark on esteemed publications such as the Orlando Sentinel, the Philadelphia Enquirer, and the Journal in Louisville, Kentucky.

Reflecting on his career path, Jerry offers a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the dynamic world of sports media. He shares pivotal moments, including encounters with influential figures like Thomas George of the New York Times.

Jerry shares a personal anecdote about discovering his passion for sports journalism at a young age. Inspired by Thomas George's visit to his high school, Jerry's trajectory was set, aspiring to emulate George's success while focusing on basketball coverage.

Regarding the current media landscape, Jerry highlights the plethora of avenues available for sports enthusiasts and budding journalists. From ESPN's platforms to emerging sites focusing on women's sports, the options are diverse and tailored to various interests.

Jerry delves into the evolving nature of media consumption, emphasizing the shift toward identity-based narratives. Traditionally, unbiased journalism is challenged by the prevalence of identity politics, prompting a reevaluation of journalistic standards.

As we wrap up, Jerry emphasizes the importance of seeking diverse perspectives in media consumption. Whether centering on reality-based news or exploring echo chambers, the key lies in fostering a healthy diet of varied perspectives.

Thank you for tuning in to this enlightening conversation with Jerry Brewer. Stay tuned for more engaging discussions on All The Way Authentic.

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