Feb. 16, 2024

Embracing Black History: A Conversation with Michael Adams

Embracing Black History: A Conversation with Michael Adams
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All The Way Authentic

Join us for another short Black History Month conversation on the All the Way Authentic Podcast, with host Kevin P. Henry, joined by special guest Michael Adams for a profound discussion on Black History. Michael shares invaluable insights on the often-overlooked contributions of black inventors, scientists, and workers in American society.

As they delve into the significance of acknowledging and celebrating these contributions, Michael emphasizes the importance of inclusivity and diversity in shaping the fabric of American identity. He eloquently articulates how recognizing the collective contributions of individuals from various backgrounds is integral to the nation's growth and progress.

Michael passionately highlights the need to honor and give credit to black Americans for their pivotal role in shaping the country's history, emphasizing that their contributions have been foundational since the nation's inception. He urges listeners to reflect on the past while actively working towards a future that values and uplifts black Americans.

Tune in to this thought-provoking episode as Kevin and Michael explore the essence of Black History and the imperative of recognizing and celebrating the diversity that enriches American society.

The All The Way Authentic Podcast with Kevin P. Henry talks about all things diversity and inclusion, mental health, and empowerment.

Kevin P. Henry has worked in the Diversity-Equity-Inclusion, communications, and training field for over 30 years. He also has extensive experience as a journalist, voice actor, and writer. Currently, he works for the private and public sectors, businesses, organizations, and nonprofits. Kevin utilizes a variety of skills to meet the needs of clients, which include strategic planning, training, facilitation, and writing.

While living in Hawaii, Kevin developed educational programs for high school students that focused on career planning, writing, and video production. In addition, he worked with domestic violence survivors and at-risk youth coordinating career planning workshops.  

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