Dec. 30, 2023

Breaking the Silence: Navigating Microaggressions and Mental Health with Michael Swann and Antonia Ramos

Breaking the Silence: Navigating Microaggressions and Mental Health with Michael Swann and Antonia Ramos
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Welcome to a compelling new episode of the All The Way Authentic Podcast!

In this thought-provoking 75-minute discussion and workshop, we unravel the complexities of Microaggressions and their profound impact on Mental Health.

Join your host Kevin P. Henry as he engages in a dynamic conversation with mental health counselors Antonia Ramos and Michael Swann. Together, they skillfully explore the nuanced landscape of Microaggressions, shedding light on the various forms these subtle behaviors take and the diverse ways they affect individuals.

Ramos and Swann bring their wealth of experience to the forefront, offering keen insights into the psychological toll that Microaggressions can have on people from all walks of life. The discussion goes beyond awareness, delving into practical strategies on how to be an effective ally in the quest for a more inclusive and understanding world.

Key Highlights:

  • Forms of Microaggressions: Ramos and Swann expertly navigate through the different forms of Microaggressions, providing listeners with a comprehensive understanding of these often unnoticed yet impactful actions.
  • Impact on Mental Health: Gain profound insights into the psychological effects of Microaggressions and the importance of addressing them for the sake of mental well-being.
  • Becoming an Effective Ally: Discover actionable steps to become an effective ally, both in the workplace and in personal relationships, as our speakers share practical advice on recognizing and addressing Microaggressions.

Tune in to this episode of the All The Way Authentic Podcast for an engaging and enlightening discussion that goes beyond the surface, offering tangible tools to foster a more empathetic and inclusive world. Subscribe now for more authentic conversations that matter!

Join us on the journey to authenticity, understanding, and connection.

The All The Way Authentic Podcast with Kevin P. Henry talks about all things diversity and inclusion, mental health, and empowerment.

Kevin P. Henry has worked in the Diversity-Equity-Inclusion, communications, and training field for over 30 years. He also has extensive experience as a journalist, voice actor, and writer. Currently, he works for the private and public sectors, businesses, organizations, and nonprofits. Kevin utilizes a variety of skills to meet the needs of clients, which include strategic planning, training, facilitation, and writing.

While living in Hawaii, Kevin developed educational programs for high school students that focused on career planning, writing, and video production. In addition, he worked with domestic violence survivors and at-risk youth coordinating career planning workshops.  

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