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Hmmmmmm.... guitar tone pizza?
This is a nice “pedals! Oh look, squirrel!, and pizza...” kinda pace with excellent content and a creative style. I have to say though, there is a divisive issues of the boss pineapple pizza jelly and joyo beer and wheat thins pizza crisps combo not being ok with everyone. Very love/hate! That said, love the podcast, it’s worth your time and you should share it! - Jim

Excellent Show
A solid, down to earth podcast that’s relatable and covers the gamut of the artists, gear, and pizza.

Great Interviews
Blake is a great interviewer and all around great dude. His guests are very open and he does a great job getting details but also the big picture.

Laid Back Interviews with Gear makers and Musicians
This is a great podcast to listen to if you just want to find out what musicians or people behind guitar gear brands are like in real life. It's not about selling their laatest album, pedal, etc. It's just a friendly conversation about music, gear, food, Oregon, how gross mayonaisse is, history, why amps should never be replaced by mini computers, fuzz pedals, white sauces being an abomination, band dynamics, other podcasts, etc, etc, etc. Give it a shot, it's a comfortable feeling podcast.

One of the best podcasts around! I always listen, never miss one!!

A +++++
Blake is the man! I look forward to the show every week. I love hearing the stories of so many people in the guitar and gear industries. Also, pineapple has no place on pizza!

Two drives, a guitar and a pizza slice
The only thing I don’t like about this podcast is when people say they like pineapple on their pizza. Yuck!

Long Time Listener, First Tike Caller
Man... I’ve been listening consistently to every ep since #1 with Ryan McCaffrey. When I heard them talking Hulk Hogan playin national anthem on guitar - I knew I was home. Over the past four years this show has really grown and evolved into something special. Perfect blend of tone toys, sass, pizza, guitars, pineapple, and more pineapple than you could ask for. I honestly can’t give this enough stars. If you like people, pizza, or guitars then this is for you!

Blake is the best
Blake is the real deal and has a great way of interviewing guests. He’s also a great food enthusiast and that adds a cool layer to his show.

Blake is a great interviewer
It's awesome to find someone as gifted at interviewing such a wide range of folks in the gear and music industry. Love how he branches out and doesn't have the same few people on time and time again. It makes the industry feel both bigger and more intimate than I would have otherwise thought. Could use more cats, though.

One of my favorites
I've been a consistent listener since the early days of the podcast. Blake has really come into his own as an interviewer as the show has progressed. The repeated guests are always a blast also. As long as it keeps getting published, I'll keep listening. Also, Patreon content is A+ also. I highly recommend it if you dig the main cast.

Pineapple is not a crime!
What you’re getting with this show is some serious insight into the lives and stories of people from all over the musical map. The interview style is laid back and conversational which seems to put the guests at ease. It’s not just dudes sitting around arguing about tone wood and string gauges. You learn about the business side of things and, sometimes, even a glimpse in to the personal lives of some of the leaders in this guitar/ gear industry. The interviews with the husband and wife duo of Earthquaker Devices stand out to me as interesting and wildly entertaining. That being said, There is unbridled aggression toward the magical creation that is Hawaiian Pizza. Blake may know his stuff, but the Pineapple hate is uncalled for! Long live pineapple and ham!!!!

Great content!
Blake is a great interviewer and seems to be very good at making his guests feel comfortable. His guests are top notch and have a lot of great information to offer. This podcast and community is a great presence in the gear community.

Thoughtful interviews, genuine dude
I stumbled upon this podcast just as I was getting back into playing guitar after a ~20 year hiatus, and it ended up being the prescription to my guitar doldrums. Blake has an honest, kind interviewing style, and gets the BEST guests to come on his show. It’s a great mix of nerdery and human interest exposition — makes for informative and entertaining listening. Infotainment, if you will. He does a great job of listening to his guests, and not forcing the convo into an unnatural direction. I do not agree with all the host’s pizza choices, but that small fault can be easily overlooked. Even the most causal player will get a lot out of this podcast - even if it’s just an appreciation for how to better listen in a conversation.

Amazing show with an amazing host! He gets the best guests as well!

Awesome is too small a word!
Blake is the best! Great talks, great people and fantastic content! Love love love this show! One of my all time favs!

One of the best out there!
If you’re looking for gate-keeping, cork-sniffing, industry shills spending an hour arguing over why some new piece of gear is or isn’t for you, the Tone Mob is NOT your show. If you want to hear a kind, humble person interview top industry professionals and find out the why behind what they do and get some laughs along the way, this is your podcast. Tone Mob provides a great service to the guitar community. Give the show a chance, as it can be unconventional and you’ll come away with inspiration and motivation. Keep it up Blake.

Informative and interesting!
So far the best guitar gear podcast I have sampled. Covers things like how did the company get started, how did the founders get into building gear, some specific products and details about how they were developed, al in a friendly conversation format. Well done!

Love it!
Love this show. I appreciate the lengthy interviews. And I also love the way that you let the guest decide the pace and content. Thanks!!!

Super cool listening
I greatly enjoy listening to this podcast for numerous reasons. One, the host, Blake, is a normal kinda guy; Likes his gear, likes his beer, his pizza and his coffee. Two, the guests all seem to be comfortable, allowing themselves to venture into non-gear areas that make them much more interesting to me. Three, the audio quality is generally very good. My only issue, one brought up by another reviewer, is the see/saw/seen grammar gaffe. I can hear it coming and I have to physically prepare myself for my reaction. Sorry Blake, I love you man but it hurts. 💗💞👍

This is my title
First few episodes started off rough. Awkward pauses, nervous laughter, and “soooo good times” to fill space. Once you get a few shows in things start to flow. Host is a Super nice guy....super cool dude, but please please please someone explain the difference between see/saw/seen it’s like a knife to my brain stem. In 2nd grade I dog eat my grammar homework before I had a chance to do it.

Give this a shot! You won’t regret it.
As a guitar player and complete gear nerd, I really appreciate the approach Blake has towards this podcast. The subject matter goes much deeper than demos. It has introduced me to some great builders and companies. Highly recommend.

Great show!
Gear talk for gear heads. Lot of fun, but will cause GAS.

Blake brought me back to guitar
I took a 5-year hiatus from guitar playing post-kids. I stumbled on to the Tone Mob one day at work and haven't put a guitar down since. I'm playing more than ever. Blake is a big part of that. His fire for music and strange noises rekindled mine. Give him a listen.

Great Host and Great Guests
Gear Podcast done right! It's really great to be able to get the history and personality behind the gear and the creators!

Some really great interviews
Really enjoy the interviews with some of the industry leaders.

Great podcast for all things guitar and tone!!!
An overall great show to listen to while driving, working out, restringing, soldering, etc. Blake is an entertaining host, and always asks great questions, and has a smorgasbord of fantastic guests from all over the world of guitars, pedals and everything in between. Never boring, and not afraid to talk about anything like other podcasts. Thanks again Blake for a great podcast!

Who doesnt need tone?
What an awesome show! I have been burning thru alot of guitar pods lately and this is one of the really good ones. Great interviews and likable host. Informative guitar & gear related topics. Production is good, sound levels are consistant. Worth a subscribe I promise you.

Gear nerds rejoice!!
Keep up the great work cheers🍻

The only podcast I listen to!!
I have little interest in guitar gear talk to be honest. I love me some good guitar tone though. But heck, I could listen to Blake talk all day. That's why this is the only podcast I listen to, because I can't say that about anyone else. I will let you in on a dang gum secret: play this podcast through a Teddy Ruxpin. Hearing Blakes voice come out of a bear makes it cooler, I promise.