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Great Interviews
Great inside look at the world of guitar gear

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Real people behind the brands
Great variety of interviews from different corners the guitar gear realm. The interviews are interesting insights into the backstories and personalities of the actual people that are behind these brands, which adds dimension to the fascination of guitar gear and tone for nerds like us.

Great for pedal people
Blake interviews many gear builders, mostly focusing on guitar pedals, that are not necessarily main stream. Through the show I have been introduced to a lot of brands that I would not have exposure to elsewhere. Face it, there is a ton of gear out there and wading through it all to find the right tones is time consuming. I'm glad to let Blake lead the way!

good guitar gear podcast
Very good podcast. I have been listening since episode one and Blake(the host) is only getting better in his interview skills. Anybody interest in guitar gear should listen

Great gear podcast!
Great podcast for gearheads! Good job Blake!

Great show for Gear nerds
Fun show, topics ranging from fuzz pedals to Pizza.

Instructions Unclear; D*** Stuck In Toaster...
Just kidding; I love listenting to this podcast. I've been playing for about 20 years so I feel like I can appreciate just about all of the topics Blake and his guests cover, from business to the state of the industry, to music's past, present, and future, to pizza. Good work, Blake. Email me for my address to send me the check for this 5-star review. Otherwise, I have a fistful of 1 star coming your way... ;)

If you love guitar pedals, listen to this!
Tonemob podcast with Joel Korte, founder of Chase Bliss Audio! What a cool guy and what amazing pedals he makes! Get the back story and some inside info about Chase Bliss Audio!

I love guitar gear, and I love hearing about the people who make all these wonderful devices. This podcast is a great mix of fun and information. I have a blast with every episode.

This is no joke
If you're not listening to the Tone Mob then you probably don't play guitar. If you play guitar and you don't listen to the Tone Mob, then you probably don't know care very much about gear. If you're in either of those two categories, then maybe the Tone Mob isn't for you. For us gear junkies that want a sneak peek into the brains of our favorite builders, this is the best place to get that information.

What is your favorite pizza?
I listened to this podcast for months before I even knew the name of the host. He will be like a ghost that sneaks into your iPod and takes over the airwaves a little by little. I think tone mob gave my radio a virus, and the only cure is more cowbell.

My favorite guitar podcast
Blake just keeps getting better and better every week. This is definitely my favorite guitar podcast, without a doubt. Can't wait to see who you can get on in 2016!

I've been a pro guitar player for the better part of 30 years, and you might think I know everything there is about guitar and guitar gear especially, but every episode I seem to pick up something new. I recommend this podcast to my buddies ALL THE TIME. A+

What a killer podcast!
What a killer podcast! Been looking for someone who can speak intelligently about guitar gear and I'm glad I finally found a show that does it. Keep up the good work!

Great podcast
If you're into gear this is a must listen. Great show with excellent guests. Along with gear talk and chasing tone this is my favorite guitar gear podcast.

Gear Nerds Unite
Blake is just like the rest of us. He loves gear and loves to talk about it and share info about our favorite thing. Well worth giving him a listen and once do you will come back for more. A great place for gear junkies to unite,

Great gear podcast for musicians!
As a musician who's always struggled to find a good podcast about gear -- Tone Mob is the light at the end of the tunnel. The conversations are honest, loose, and comfortable, making it easy to listen to and enjoy. Also, you can really get a sense of who these folks are, which lends a personal touch to the tools with which we build our tone!

Behind the scenes of the creators
Blake the Tonemobster has the perfect podcast for us gear heads. Down to earth, super nice guy and top gear head. I love hearing from the creators of the toys and tools I use or want to use. He has some great questions laid out but it's cool to hear them get off topic and hear their thoughts on everyday life. Keep up the great work Blake.

These guys "rock"
Production quality is top notch! These guys are a wealth of knowledge in the musical gear world. Cool dudes from the Pacific Northwest! Great show, guys!

If you have gear you should listen!
A great show to gain insight on gear and the people behind the creations. If you're looking for that special tone I suggest you tune in!

Great gear related podcast!
As someone in the business, it is really great to hear the behind the scenes of what other people are doing. Blake has really brought in some solid dudes to talk about their craft, and its a blast to listen to. Highly recommend.