The Tone Mob Podcast

Thoughtful interviews, genuine dude

I stumbled upon this podcast just as I was getting back into playing guitar after a ~20 year hiatus, and it ended up being the prescription to my guitar doldrums.

Blake has an honest, kind interviewing style, and gets the BEST guests to come on his show. It’s a great mix of nerdery and human interest exposition — makes for informative and entertaining listening. Infotainment, if you will. He does a great job of listening to his guests, and not forcing the convo into an unnatural direction.

I do not agree with all the host’s pizza choices, but that small fault can be easily overlooked.

Even the most causal player will get a lot out of this podcast - even if it’s just an appreciation for how to better listen in a conversation.

May 18, 2019 by svectacular on Apple Podcasts

The Tone Mob Podcast