The Tone Mob Podcast

Pineapple is not a crime!

What you’re getting with this show is some serious insight into the lives and stories of people from all over the musical map. The interview style is laid back and conversational which seems to put the guests at ease. It’s not just dudes sitting around arguing about tone wood and string gauges. You learn about the business side of things and, sometimes, even a glimpse in to the personal lives of some of the leaders in this guitar/ gear industry. The interviews with the husband and wife duo of Earthquaker Devices stand out to me as interesting and wildly entertaining.

That being said, There is unbridled aggression toward the magical creation that is Hawaiian Pizza. Blake may know his stuff, but the Pineapple hate is uncalled for! Long live pineapple and ham!!!!

May 18, 2019 by Willis5046 on Apple Podcasts

The Tone Mob Podcast