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I’ll be honest, I was listening in because I was curious about what my cousin DeeJay was doing every week. I tuned in to support and I was hooked. I haaaaate scary supernatural stuff, but their chemistry and humor keep me locked in. Their story telling and witty humor feels professional. Tune in if you want a laugh and a healthy scare. PS DeeJay didn’t ask me to do this lol, Sean did... nah, I’m just stoked on this podcast and think it deserves 5 stars.

Really great story tellers

These dude know how to present a story. Love this podcast.

Search no more, this is it!

No more searching for an entertaining podcast, this is it! Perfect balance of entertaining banter, current happenings, and mine blowing supernatural phenomena. These guys are well researched and magnetic in their delivery.

My go-to podcast

I love the chemistry among these friends. I feel drawn in as if I’m part of the group. And it’s fascinating to hear the strange and scary experiences people have faced.

One of my favorites!

I love this podcast a good mixture of spooky and hilarious!

I am very picky about my horror podcasts and these guys are at the top of my list. They freaking rule and they are obviously having a fun time! Love this show and I do get spooked from their stories 5/5 would recommend.

One of my favorite podcasts!

This podcast is awesome, it feels like you’re just hanging with your friends around a campfire telling scary stories. None of the guys are annoying or have an annoying voice so thank god for that. Highly recommend for anyone who loves creepy stuff and the chills!


This pod is INSANE. Super eerie and creepy with well timed comedic relief. MUST LISTEN


Best ever. I’m a big scaredy cat that always indulges in spooky things, and this is, BY FAR, my favorite indulgence. Keep up the good work, guys!

Love these guys and the comedy they mix in with scary stories!

I have never actually listened to anybody that says “go leave us a review” and done it until I started listening to these guys. My favorite thing about these guys is their consistency with posting. They don’t leave us people who are anxiously waiting for a new episode hanging. They keep us entertained consistently. They’re funny, scary, and just a good group of guys. Keep up the great work and faith boys!

Watch your back

So this is a scary podcast but it’s told in a way where you are scared but can laugh a minute later. There are moments where I am wondering why the heck I’m listening, because I am a wimp about scary movies. But then the method of the story telling keeps me coming back. So excited to see what the new year is podcasts will bring

My new best friends

I love everything about this podcast: the jokes they tell, their enjoyment and love of storytelling, and I can’t forget that intro music! I laugh out loud in every episode and that is extremely uncommon for me! It’s all I want to listen to and I am so happy I found it.


Binged and now I need more, love these guys! I have a story I need to submit...I also follow on IG. I’m doing my best to spread the word, so far two of my friends are listening. Take a listen and you’ll enjoy it as much as I do. Supernatural, true crime and personal stories and experience

Binge Worthy

One of the few podcasts I can listen to FOR HOURS. Seriously such good stories that have good variety. I like that it’s a mix between ghost, supernatural, crime, urban legend based stories.

Best pod out there.

I listen to a lot of podcasts with millions of listeners but this one right here is the best no question. Super creepy and dark but hilarious and fun at the same time. Perfection 👌🏼

Good storytellers

These stories will give you goosebumps. The guys have a good dynamic though and aren’t afraid to fact check or laugh at each other. My coworkers and I listen to this podcast all the time when we’re stuck at our desks 👌 would recommend if you like spooky stories!

Consider this a warning

Anyone that doesn’t like this podcast will have everything that has ever been mentioned in every episode, happen to them.

Best Podcast. Ever

These guys are the best!! I always look forward to their podcast. The friendship they have shines thru during their show. I find myself laughing along with them and saying fuuuuuu during the scary moments with them as well. I feel like I know them and enjoy every time I’m notified a new show has dropped. They tell stories so eloquently that you can actually see what they are describing. I would give it 10 stars if I could

Favorite podcast out there!

These guys are not only hilarious, but they know how to tell stories that’ll scare the he*l out of you. Ever since I came across this podcast it has been my number one favorite! They’re friendship/jokes make the podcast more relatable and entertaining. I definitely recommend a listen!


Like hanging around the campfire telling stories with the boys. Well worth it. Plus they always give solid history on what they are taking about.


These doods wild fkn love em

Not one for scary stories, but I am now!

This podcast had me hooked from the first episode. I don’t even like scary stories or horror films, but this podcast has changed that. There’s nothing better than great story telling. These guys rock at it. Give this podcast a listen to hear spooky, hilarious stories that ACTUALLY occurred.

Cool stories, bro

Cool stories, smooth talk, good storytelling. A cool way to learn more about some other cultures’ lore and creepy stories.

Or do whatever the F you want.

These guys are always hilarious! Their stories are super interesting and they do a good job of having so many of them on the show but not talking over each other. I just like that they seem to love what they do. They’re appreciative of listeners but they aren’t super pushy about selling their podcast and that’s awesome!

Episode 13

33:38 mark


I’ve been sitting in my driveway listening to this podcast for 30 minutes. Don’t want to stop. It’s good. Conversational and they understand how to tell a good story. Thanks guys

Pure gold

These guys have put together quite an amazing podcast. I am thoroughly entertained and get the chills all the time while listening. If you want to get spooked and have a great time then you came to the right place! P.s. I love the updated intro. Very well done!

gettin chicken skin allll over


Boner Police!

Man, if you have a hard time getting it up this is the podcast for you! Not only are they funny, but the spooky stories keep you right on the edge of your seat (figuratively). Great job guyz!!

So fun!

They stay on topic and get right to the spooky stories! Their comedic comentary makes it easy and fun to listen too!!