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Finally a well balanced, well spoken, funny, creepy, relatable podcast!! No pushing of agendas, no annoying gimmicks or shock grabs. Just chef’s kiss !


This podcast has all the things that I could want in a podcasts! Lots of laughs, scary stories, relatable hosts! It’s really perfect!

Just do it

Definitely a awesome listen, highly recommend this podcast, even if they are mormon and wear special underwear. Lol just basting balls!! But do your self a favor and check it out. Guitars of doom.

Fun but spooky

I love this podcast. They are all great at telling stories and working up suspense and the spooky factor but at the same time can make it easy going and enjoyable to listen to. Plus if you have 2 bux lying around their Patreon is absolutely worth it. I bought it and I love having all these extra stories. Thanks for making my afternoons not terrible.

3 men and a 3am baby

Podcast world better watch out - these 3 men and their 3 am baby are about to bust through.

As good as pastor mike

I used to have a roommate named pastor mike and these guys are as good as my old roommate marry Christmas yall

Funny meets Scary podcast version

These guys are great and captivating in their delivery. Spooky stories accompanied with fun discussion. It’s like camping out and telling scary stories, but while driving to work, or doing some task around the house.

Great story telling

I love this podcast - the boys are funny and witty, their tales of terror will leave you with goosebumps! Hands down my favorite pod and I'm constantly telling people to give a listen! Keep up the good work!

Hilariously Scary!

I have laughed and been terrified at the same time... is that even possible? These guys make it happen every episode! The easy banter between them draws you in and the stories keep you coming back for more! I await each new episode with bated breath so I can get my fix of 3 am! It is constantly playing at my house and I love it! Great job boys and please keep up the great job!

Incredibly fun to listen to

This is a great podcast. The hosts are charismatic and bounce jokes perfectly off each other. The content is super entertaining and spooky but not too terrifying. Overall, I’m a huge fan and would recommend this to anyone who enjoys supernatural, paranormal, cryptid, or crime related stories.

I love them

I love them.

My Absolute Favorite Podcast

I just can’t get enough. It scares me enough for me to get chills and not be able to sleep... BUT their jokes and chemistry makes it light enough for me to enjoy! When I first started listening to the episodes I couldn’t stop and now that i’m all caught up.. i’m so sad because now i have to wait to listen to each episode. Everyone should try it once because it’s like you’re listening to scary stories with a bunch of friends even though you don’t even know these people. They make it light enough to think that you are their friends 😂😂. BUT one thing i hate is not being able to pay for patreon, you guys getting into a good story and then you pause and say “the rest of this story will be for our patreons” it makes me want to commit electric chair- i swear🙈

Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark In Real Life by 3 Guys

Do you remember those books that low key traumatized us as children? Maybe your brother locked you in the room and read them by flashlight? Maybe you couldn't look at scarves the same way after that story where her head comes off? This podcast is like those books brought to life. Sean, Charles, and Deejay make you laugh and then tell you some of the most unnerving stories out there about the unexplainable. Listeners submit stories- so it’s always something new! And sometimes there are guests! I could, and do, listen to this podcast all day. (I’d only listen at night if you don’t want to sleep. Take that with a grain of salt because I’m a bit of a weenie) It’s perfect for October and every other month- because really, spooky is a way of life.

I’m a 3am addict!

I’m obsessed with this podcast! I talk about it constantly—ask any of my friends. I love the fun way they approach scary stories. Such good storytellers and I keep coming back for more.

Great Podcast :-)

It’s a podcast that actually will retell you’re stories! I genuinely love this podcast. Listening is like sitting around on your friend’s torn couch on a winter’s day, telling ghost stories, just before hearing a crunch outside the window. These stories are fun, tense, not so scary that you can’t sleep, but frightening enough to really make you think if you’re ever out in the middle of nowhere camping or exploring. Best of all, the guys lighten up the darkness with actual funny lines and quips that has made me laugh out loud before (which has been hard during the days of COVID, believe me). Thanks so much, guys, for everything you’re doing! Y’all are the best. :-)

Most entertaining podcast

I recently found this podcast but I have been binge-listening everyday to try to catch up! It is by far the most entertaining podcast to listen to, I find myself laughing out loud or gasping out loud when listening to them. They are great story tellers and I love their funny banter. I try to tell as many people as I can about their podcast. Give it a listen!

My Favorite Podcast

3AM is the main podcast I listen to consistently. I look forward to each episode every week. These guys will make you chuckle and bring the spooky vibes at the same time. Sean, Deejay and Charlie cover lots of ground in each episode figuratively and literally, including stories set in various places on the map.

Feels Like Sitting Around The Campfire

Have been loving this podcast ever since it was introduced to me. The guys do a great job telling the stories in a way that allows the listener to be involved as well as provide comedic relief after scary moments. The conversation flows and you feel like you are part of the crew just spending another night around the campfire telling stories, laughing at jokes, and enjoying one another’s company.

Spooky at it’s best 😊

You guys are such a joy to listen to. I enjoy the banter at the top of the show. It’s like you’re my new best friends and story time is always a nail biter. You guys rock!

wonderful weirdly apooky stories

Hit that subscribe button! So good!

So first off without a doubt all of the hosts have such great speaking voices! It made it so much easier to listen to because each person talked at the right speed, and you can hear everything super clear. Production value too is way up there. Everything sounded so clean and clear, it made me even be like dang! This is so pleasing to the ears! Aside from that the stories are super interesting! And the topics of conversation are definitely unique and are different than every average paranormal podcast! Highly recommend! I was never bored, never not interest in what they had to say. And they kept my attention the whole way through..Totally hit the subscribe button on this one and I recommend you do too! Can’t wait to see future episodes and what they do with the podcast!

Absolutely love this podcast

I found out about this podcast on Reddit and have been hooked ever since. The hosts are hilarious and they always have spooky stories to tell. I also want to say THANK YOU for putting the time the scary stories start if we want to skip right into it. I wish more podcasts would do that! If you like creepy stories and hilarious hosts, you need this podcast in your life!

Gotta love some good creepy stories!

We came across this podcast through IG and are so glad we did because we love scary stories and you guys do an amazing job dishing out the real creepy ones!! Keep up the awesome work! -Mandy from Depth of Darkness podcast

One of my favorites

It took me a couple of episodes to warm up listening to this podcast as I wanted to hear more of the stories and not so much about random things they talk about in the beginning, but after a couple episodes I just loved the bond and vibe from them. You can really tell they are best friends and something about that is comforting to listen to; even though I still get scared listening while I’m working night shift. 5/5 would recommend to anyone who enjoys horror

You can tell they’re really friends

I love this podcast, so I started listening by myself, and then my partner heard a bit and now we’re both hooked. The banter is comfortable and the conversation is easy, I do have to say there have been a few time I just cringe at a joke, but it’s they’re podcast and opinion and they seem like really solid guys so I wouldn’t doubt they tighten that up as the episodes continue. Great stories and episode set up. I do not recommend listening while camping 😱.

Are you afraid of the dark

If you are afraid of the dark, beware! Love this show. Saw them on YouTube and saw the campfire and caught on with the spirit. Loved how they did the ending. I am a new fan.

Great underrated podcast

Really feel like I’m hanging out with the guys. Good spoopy stories and fun banter. Easy listening

Not for the Scaredy Cat! ...or is it?

These guys are awesome scary storytellers! They’re also the type of guys I’d want to be friends with since they seem so fun, funny, and nice. I am a scaredy cat and I cannot listen when it gets closer at night. Last time I did I couldn’t sleep lol Keep up the awesome work guys! ~Megan from Retro Static Radio

3AM rules!

I’m coming back to leave a second 5 star review. This show is just one of the best horror podcasts out there. Couldn’t recommend this show enough. Keep it up!


Keep up the good work Bro, Same goes for my older friends (Sean, Charles, Kevin, and Jordan) 😉