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One of my favorites

I have been listening to this podcast for a few months now and have already listened to every episode. This podcast is great for fans of scary stories as well as people looking to be educated on other cultures Folklore. Every episode is scary, yet informative. The chemistry and humor between the hosts adds great balance to the scary aspects. This podcast truly makes you feel like you are sitting around a campfire with friends, telling ghost stories. Overall, I think this is a great podcast to get into and have recommend it to many friends. Keep up the great work!

know what you’re getting into:

yes, 3AM tells scary stories. although it is so much more than that. if you don’t want to build an interactive connection with these guys first and foremost, this might not be a good fit for you. there are plenty of monotone, lifeless and characterless podcasts out there, that lack in personality in order to deliver objective story telling. maybe that’s what you’re looking for, so head over to those! these guys are intentional with the way they make you feel like you are one of their friends, sitting around a campfire with them, catching up and sharing stories. it was never meant to be a “right to the stories” type of podcast. the banter, jokes and personal life updates are all a part of the experience here. you can’t hate on it for being exactly what it was created to be. big love to these guys for being inclusive to everyone, by making fun of everyone. no one is excluded and we aren’t too serious to laugh about what makes us uniquely human. i much prefer this typr of humor, rather than tiptoeing around in order to not offend anyone. great work, i fully support

Great podcast

I usually give podcast 2-3 episodes before review and wow I binged listened probably 9-10 episodes they are awesome

Great podcast to listen to wheneverrrr

I listen to these guys all day at work and even sometimes on a long drive if i wanna drive around and not end my spooky podcast spree; definitely recommend!

Something different!

This podcast is a cool way for me to escape. The only thing missing is the ability for me to be part of the conversation! I can tell (just by listening) that we would be instant friends if our path ever crossed!

Great but one thing

Love the podcast but I don’t like saving the end of some stories just for patreons like mysterious universe. What about the people that can’t afford it or can’t pay. It’s alienating them. Come up with fresh stories for the paying audience. I might be alone in this but it drives me nuts. I stopped listening to mysterious universe for the most part because of this. Just my opinion.

Great podcast

I love this podcast. I just started listening but I’m hooked. I wish I knew these guys in real life especially Charlie, he’s hilarious!

My favorite podcast

Who does not like jokes and spooky stories? These guys are great, witty banter, fun story telling and a good laugh too. ❤️❤️❤️


I have been a long time listener of this podcast and I am still obsessed. The guys are hilarious and amazing story tellers. I recommend them to everyone. I impatiently wait for the new episodes to come out every week. LOVE THEM

This podcast is everything my life needed lol

The 3AM squad are the best. They never fail to make me laugh, and their stories never fail to give me the creeps. I love how interactive they are with their listeners, they will truly go out of their way to make sure each listener knows that their support is greatly appreciated. I honestly love this podcast!!

Can’t put it down

I wanted a fun, scary podcast and found this one. I haven’t put it down since. I love that they’re not trying to make it overly scary where it would seem fake. It seems very real and sincere. Seem like cool guys.

So gooooood, even better for local Utahns

I share the podcast all the time, always hooks everyone! Well done!

Been here since the first episode

When I saw y’all post your first episode I was shocked this is the first podcast that has both really good stories and some humor This is my favorite podcast

Best podcast ever!!!

So I love this podcast I’ve got a major crush on deejay 😊❤️. Y’all keep bringing us amazing stories and helping me get through my day


I love you guys!! I’ve never had a podcast that I’ve enjoyed as much as this one nor the hosts as well ! Keep up the spooky stuff 👻

the best podcast i’ve ever heard

This is a very good podcast I’ve only watched a few episodes and I’m addicted please and more I’m about to totally watch the whole entire season and since Covid I can’t really go to a campfire but this just feels like I’m actually telling the stories are one of my best friends are telling the story is so cool I love it.

My favorite Podcast!

Awesome podcast! Right amount of humor, spookiness and good vibes!

Love !

I honestly really love this podcast ! They’re funny and I like all the material. They have some great stories I don’t have anything negative to say 🎃


This podcast is amazing and I’m also from Utah so pretty cool not that many famous people live in Utah accept Post Malone


I love this podcast, but DJ needs to speak into the mike and speak more clearly. He mumbles a lot and half the time I can’t hear what he’s saying.

I love these guys !

I can’t explain how much I love this podcast. I love that they don’t over act their narrations like 99% of the scary podcast in here and that they don’t use stupid sound effects every 2 minutes. If you are looking for something that is scary, but doesn’t affect your sleep at night this is your to go podcast. Its the perfect combination of scary and funny. I came across it a little after my son was born and I needed something to help me stay up at night with my then newborn. At the time I was also struggling with PPD and the personality and jokes of these guys really helped me in a way to keep my mind away from my personal demons. Thanks to this podcast I was able to keep my sanity while trying to raise a little human. You guys are awesome !


I got hooked after listening to the dentist story & it left me with teary eyes! You guys are doing great! 🤘🏽🤘🏽

Give it a chance

So at first this podcast did not get my attention but I gave it some time and after they have there “bros conversation” the stories are pretty interesting a lot of the content I haven’t heard so that’s always a plus. They do save the best stories for patrons so I may have to sacrifice eight quarters just to listen to the juicy stories. Overall if you don’t mind listening to a group of good friends having a mini campfire story telling goofy entertaining little over the top on some topics this is a podcast for you! Thanks for all the content and “watch your back and trust you gut” You got my Sub! Also from Fresno Ca, hearing some of the stories from Visalia is super interesting! Keeping the Cali love strong!

Best. Podcast. Ever.

I’m the biggest fan. Not only do I feel like these guys are close friends after listing to this podcast since the beginning, their content is amazing. They tell stories so well and do such a great job at finding fascinating, suspenseful, carefully researched content for each episodes. I look forward to each new episode, and often times I relisten to episodes to just hear the stories again. If you like scary stories, this one is for you! Make sure you subscribe to their Patreon as well, the exclusive content for Patreon subscribes is only $2 a month and there’s a whole lot of great content on there. My favorite podcast by far and I listen to podcasts everyday!

Best podcast ever!

This is my favorite podcast! Y’all are awesome! I work overnight and listen to the podcast every night at work! I’m currently catching up and binging all of the episodes! Hope y’all never quit ♥️


You guys are awesome, thank you for telling these stories. I listen to them while I am working (shifts are 10 hours) and you guys make it zoom by. You guys are the best! Thank you! 👏👏👏👏

I don’t like being scared

I really try to avoid anything scary because I’m not trying to get possessed or haunted (plus I like sleeping at night) but these guys have me cracking up and I keep coming back to listen to each new episode. Keep up the good work. Edit: umm couple things ambrosia is pretty dank and the Bahama mama at maverick slaps. That is all.

Awesome! You guys are awesome

Love this podcast! Just started listening. Thank you, guys! Thanks for being so funny and making me laugh you have made working from home enjoyable

Funny and scary!

This is one of the best pod I have listened to in a while! It always makes me laugh and it the episodes can get pretty intense…. Listen to it if you like scary+funny podcasts!

Great people to hear stories from!

If your looking for something to listen to that will make you laugh and really catch you by the ear this is the place to be! Great stories to hear about and great guys to tell them! Keep it up guys! I listen to your podcast every day at work to pass the time. It helps the day go by so fast.