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Gold but getting old..
This has become my favorite podcasts but I think you guys missed your shot. As soon as the pod was getting more traction, you guys vanished. I know it’s because of Charlie’s new job and the baby, which I get it. Just unfortunate bc this was the exact time to pop off. I remember Charlie saying in an episode he just wants to made episodes and make money from podcasting — this would be “the dream”. Think that was maybe possible before but now not so much.

Never gets boring
I just discovered these guys and I love them! They are very authentic and feels like you’re listening to old friends talk! I watch them all day at work and they keep such good vibes❤️

Jesus came to America? 😂😂😂😂😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😢 COME ON! That's some more white privilege from father Joseph right there. An American man writes new scriptures and Jesus came to the continent where he lives. COME ON SON! No factual evidence of this.

So cool!
Hi guys! I have a challenge for you. Do a story on the kids DNA mixed with a wolfs DNA and then the wolf gets shot by Bigfoot and then wold war two comes out and then after that I want you to put the kid is it got mixed DNA found his granddad‘s grave then the story ends. Try and do that! Love your biggest fan ,Isaiah.t😈🫶🏽🫱🏻‍🫲🏾🤟🏽✊👏🏽😺

Keep the content coming!
Just want to thank y’all first and foremost for putting out the best paranormal content I’ve ever watched or listened to. I’m just a guy from Mississippi who enjoys paranormal content. Y’all do a fantastic job of keeping the listener engaged and on the edge their seat. I look forward to all the content y’all put out each week whether it is videos or pods. Thank y’all again for keeping my commute to and from work exciting. I’m a Physical Therapist Assistant and working in a nursing home with the elderly may not seem fun, but you would be surprised how much they like to hear stories about ghosts or the paranormal. Y’all have helped me connect with my patients more by sharing your stories with them. Y’all boys stay safe and god bless. -guy from the sip

Love it so so much love it so much that I can’t stop!!!!!!!!!

Hella good
These guys are great story tellers. Love the personalities and content. Bye, love you, be safe.

Amazing show
I listen to the podcast at work ever since I found this show, i love the authenticity ,from Colorado with peace.✌️

DeeJay! Love the content and the show. Love to you guys and the Ohana!🤙

Love the show!
Can’t get enough! I truly feel like close friends even though we have never met lol. You guys keep me sane at work everyday! Thank you so much for all you do!!

Scary and Funny
This is by far my favorite podcast I have listened to. I find myself laughing and getting scared in all episodes. Thank you all for what you do and making my work day more enjoyable. I look forward to new episodes now that I am caught up.

Love this podcast
Grateful for every podcast you guys put out into the world.

Just Like Telling Stories With Close Friends!
I have almost listened to every episode now and I am really loving this show! I have always loved true crime and paranormal podcasts, but often find that they can weigh me down too much and just leave a negative vibe. This show, however, has such a great mix of humor and scares. I am always feeling thoughtful and encouraged when I finish listening because Charles, Shawn, and DeeJay do such a great job at balancing the humor and scares a almost always leave on a positive. Keep up the tremendous work!

Love this podcast!!!
I absolutely LOVE y’all ! So funny and spooky at the same time .

My favorite Podcast!
Awesome podcast! Right amount of humor and spookiness. I’ve learned things I didn’t know about forces and beings in our world. Keep it up 👌🏻

Recently started listening
I love your content, you guys all tell stories well. I love the sounds of all of your voices. I appreciate the long audio, my job is kind of slow right now, so you guys are getting me through the long days! Thank you. I hope you guys get to quit your day jobs! Don't forget to hold each other accountable! PB

Your mom
I listen to this pod and it is very interesting unlike my mom…🤩

This podcast has all the things that I could want in a podcasts! Lots of laughs, scary stories, relatable hosts! It’s really perfect! Proud to be a top tier Patreon!
Charles, Deejay, and Sean are hilarious and entertaining to listen to. They always tell the most interesting scary stories and their hot takes are hilarious and valid.
BEST PODCAST EVER!!!! So funny, so scary, so heartwarming (at times) but mostly so scary!!!! It’s a MUST LISTEN!!!!!
Laughs and gasps, supa entertaining very cool very swag
Super funny!! Love the scary stories and the guys!!

The best Podcast around
Absolutely love these guys! Thankful for the work they put into their stories. I appreciate their views on things and for having some great guests on their pod. Sean great at making things spooky! Charlie is fantastic at bringing up interesting topics! Deejay brings in so much with his knowledge of music! 10/10 def recommend for anyone who likes a good time.

Need Consistency
This podcast is excellent. The guys are funny, engaging, and great storytellers. My only complaint is that episode releases are inconsistent. I never know when to expect a new episode, and they sometimes are released weeks apart. Please pick a weekly release day and keep it consistent. Other than that, the show is great. Five stars.

Best podcast
I’ve been listening to this podcast non stop I love the scary stories and the jokes you guys are really funny!

Listen to 119 and love it
Heard about the podcast in Creeps and Peepers Facebook group. They were mostly talking about the lottery. But I have a feeling it’s a good podcast

favorite podcast !!
finally finished the whole thing a few days ago, listen to you guys everyday at work, makes the time go by faster while listening to the stories you guys share ! although i finished everything i go back and listen to random ones while waiting for the new ones to drop, never gets old, keep it up you guys 😌

The best
I love love LOVE this podcast. I found this podcast at the beginning of this school year. My daughter was in school and my husband was at work and I’m at home all day with the baby. I needed something new and exciting and I’m so happy I typed in scary stories and found this one. I love how they are so chilled. I love how they make fun of each other, but love each other. I love how they tell the stories. They are so funny, but I love how they can get serious and talk about tough issues. I definitely recommend 3AM scary stories.

Entertainment at its finest
I’m really glad I was able to find this podcast. It’s has been great getting to know these guys. The way they tell stories really makes it feel like we are all sitting around a campfire and going around telling stories. There has been so many times they’ve made me laugh, and plenty others that while I’m at work, I’m looking over my shoulder…. Just in case… the spooks are real with this one.

I sincerely love this podcast. I normally avoid listening to podcasts where it’s a group of people chatting about scary stories and retelling them in a non-theatrical way. Like Charles mentions a few times, I am used to listening to podcasts like Radio Rental. This group of friends are truly entertaining to listen to. I literally laugh every episode. It’s very rare that I can be scared and laugh at the same time. A lot of the time I am listening at work, and it really gets me through the crappiest says by making me laugh whole-heartedly. Sometimes, on a quiet shift, I’ll just burst out laughing. I literally look insane lol. I hope there are many more stories to come!