3AM Scary Stories

Keep the content coming!

Just want to thank y’all first and foremost for putting out the best paranormal content I’ve ever watched or listened to. I’m just a guy from Mississippi who enjoys paranormal content. Y’all do a fantastic job of keeping the listener engaged and on the edge their seat. I look forward to all the content y’all put out each week whether it is videos or pods. Thank y’all again for keeping my commute to and from work exciting. I’m a Physical Therapist Assistant and working in a nursing home with the elderly may not seem fun, but you would be surprised how much they like to hear stories about ghosts or the paranormal. Y’all have helped me connect with my patients more by sharing your stories with them. Y’all boys stay safe and god bless.

-guy from the sip

Jan. 11, 2023 by Marler and T.Huck fan club on Apple Podcasts

3AM Scary Stories