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33. Nothing About Me Without Me 2; Finding Strength in Circles

May 19, 2021

Imagine growing older...but never growing up. Never being allowed to make decisions or choices that influence your future, or bring you happiness. Never being able to "grab the brass ring" because the person(s) who make decisions on your behalf think it's either too risky, or beyond your ability …

32. Nothing About Me Without Me; Understanding the Dignity of Risk Pt 1

May 12, 2021

We all seek advice from time to time. Especially when confronted with a challenge that is unique to us. Sometimes that trusted advisor is a friend who has expertise in solving the problem we face, or a professional who can help us navigate our way to a desired outcome. And if all else fails, today …

Finding a Vision for Community's Future

May 5, 2021

Community (Cambridge Dictionary) “all the people who live in a particular area, or a group of people who are considered as a unit because of their shared interests or background.” Vision (Cambridge Dictionary) “the ability to imagine how a country, society, industry, etc. could develop in the futur…

How to Bridge The Gap Between Disability and Employment

April 28, 2021

Everyone benefits when all are included! Many of us have experienced challenges obtaining employment. If you have a developmental or intellectual disability those challenges take on a whole new dimension. You have skills. You have abilities and interests. You want to “give back” to your community a…

Let's talk about Disability, Housing, and Awesome the Power of Coalitions

April 21, 2021

Our culture places great emphasis on rugged individualism. Our heroes and role models are risk takers who face overwhelming odds and obstacles but, in the end, through grit and determination come out on top. They prevail! (with considerable help from those working behind the scenes) But behind …

Let's Talk About Changing your Dreams...

April 15, 2021

Everyone wants to live a beautiful life, but in every life we are faced with challenges. Many of those challenges involve processing grief over the loss of a loved one, the loss of a relationship, or the loss of the dreams we had set for our lives. For parents providing care for children with deve…

You Know You're thinking about it: Legal Planning & Disability

April 7, 2021

Legal planning is intimidating, but nobody wants to leave others on shaky ground. The key is a Well Laid Foundation, and friend of the show Dan Blauw is here to help us understand some of the important parts of that foundation building. Please stop by this episode's BLOG for further information. Ta…

Exploring Autism Pt IV - What's going on age 11 and up?

March 31, 2021

Part 4 of our Exploring Autism Series digs into what happens after 10 years old? As usual our friends at Brains give us plenty of amazing information, and there is a followup powerpoint ON OUR BLOG so stop on by and follow along! This is our last interview with Brains for Season 1, but if there is …

Let's Chart a Life Course Pt 2

March 24, 2021

Support the show (

Let's Chart a Life Course Pt 1

March 17, 2021

Join us as we discuss "Charting the Life Course" with the Resource Analyst Tracy Vincent in our 2 part series about this wonderful framework that can be applied in everyone's life! We've posted the slides discussed in this episode on OUR WEBSITE! Support the show (

Disability And Me - Let's Talk Taxes with the ARC of Michigan!

March 10, 2021

Tax Season is here and at the request of a listener we've reached out to the ARC of Oakland County's Executive Director Tom Kendziorski Esq. to go over their incredibly helpful tax guide! Find the resources mentioned in this episode HERE Special Thanks to The Arc of Oakland County for promoting thi…

Exploring Autism Pt III - Resources for Families and Overcoming Barriers

March 3, 2021

Today's episode provides some tips on how to effectively reduce stress and improve communications within families living with ASD and other developmental disabilities. This podcast is based upon the Effective Parenting Series "Putting the Pieces Together" workshop presented by BRAINS Potential in G…

Understanding SSA Pt 2 - Work Incentives

Feb. 24, 2021

Few people enjoy walking on a tightrope, but that is what working while depending on SSI for benefits feels, lose your balance and everything falls to the floor. We continue our episode with Hillary Hatch, helping us to understand the work incentives offered through SSI. Resources mentioned in thi…

Understanding SSA Pt 1 -SSI and SSDI

Feb. 17, 2021

Most government benefit programs are infused with a level of complexity that is inappropriate for the faint of heart. Social Security is no exception., This episode is part 1 of a 2 part interview with Hillary Hatch a specialist in disability benefits with the Social Security Administration. I t…

Let's Talk about Advocacy - Legal Protection and Advocacy with Disability Rights Michigan

Feb. 10, 2021

Today, Navigating Life As We Know It explores how Disability Rights Michigan (DRM) advocates and DRM lawyers advise individuals with disabilities of their rights and responsibilities while they advocate for their human, civil and legal rights within the state of Michigan. DRM has broad access autho…

Exploring Autism Pt II - What's Going On Between Ages 0 and 10?

Feb. 3, 2021

Today we're back with our friends at BRAINS to discuss autism between ages 0 and 10 as part of their workshop program. This is the 20th Episode of NLAWKI and the 2nd out of 4 episodes with BRAINS. If you'd like to see us focus on any specific content please reach out to us on Facebook and let us kn…

Together for Choice

Jan. 27, 2021

Join our discussion with Together For Choice national director Amy Kim and board chair Scott Mendel as we delve into the complex choices around housing and the principles of choice for the disability community. Support the show (

Getting to know Therapeutic Riding a little better

Jan. 20, 2021

Therapeutic Riding can be incredibly helpful for many individuals, but we've always wanted to know more about why horseback riding can be so helpful. Thankfully we have a riding center here in West Michigan that was more than willing to sit down and chat with us. Take a look at our friends at RENEW…