Jan. 8, 2022

50. Faith Love & Courage Pt 3

Episode 3 - Life together and Changing the World

Most movements for social change are identified with a few prominent and well-known leaders.  For instance, people like Martin Luther King, John F Kennedy, and Robert Kennedy, among others, are associated with the Civil Rights movement in the USA. Nelson Mandela is a name synonymous with the abolition of apartheid in South Africa.  The truth is…these individuals provided a voice and a face to the movement, but without the thousands who heard them and actively responded to their cries for equality and equity for all human beings, nothing would have been accomplished. Largely unknown are the names of those individuals who actually brought about change by their activism and advocacy.
William Rush (Bill) is one of those committed individuals who responded to the call of equality and equity for all who live with disabilities.  Bill was never satisfied to just obtain the assistance he needed personally to live independently and move about the community without obstacles blocking his participation.  He had a strong motivation to change the world for all those living with disabilities “in a world not made for them.”  
The story of Bill and Christine is told in their book Our Life Our Way.  The following three podcast episodes draw on the experiences and advocacy skills developed by Bill and Chris as they fought for a life together in a world filled with physical and societal challenges unique to the disabled.  Bill and Chris have much to teach all of us! We hope their story and their struggles both motivate and support you in your own journey for inclusion.