June 19, 2023

Sweet Dream are Made of These: The ZPod Story

Many people seem to have a "problematic" relationship with sleep.  We take medications to keep us awake...and we take medications to make us sleep.  But sleep...a GOOD night's sleep, is essential to our psychological and physical  health.  Autism is one of those disabilities that can manifest itself in a broad spectrum of sensory issues...and often the ability to sleep through the night is seriously affected.   Most of us know what it feels like to suffer from sleep deprivation, because if a child is not able to sleep, the odds are that neither are their parents.  zPods® is a company dedicated to creating a solution for this problem.  Co-founder George Bailey explains how zPods® create a calming, comfortable and safe space designed for better sleep.

To learn more about zPods® be sure to stop by their website

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