July 21, 2022

56. Barriers to the Ballot

Voting is a constitutional right for an overwhelming majority of Americans, but the reality is people with disabilities, racial minorities and economically challenged individuals face far more obstacles to voting than most voters.  Unsubstantiated allegations of mass voter fraud were circulated and amplified after the 2020 presidential election and conspiratorial politicians laid plans for another, more devastating voter fraud scheme.... to suppress voting by mail and drop box through heightened scrutiny, including picture ID voter verification.  These extra requirements on top of the transportation and accessibility challenges already faced by individuals with disabilities have caused tens of thousand of ballots to be disqualified in Texas primary elections held in anticipation of the 2020 midterm elections.  The voter suppression laws sought by many states are nearly identical in nature and very similar to the "Secure the Vote" ballot initiative that was being circulated in Michigan.  Voting is a constitutional right!  No one should ever have to endure an obstacle course challenge to obtain and cast a ballot in America.

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