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Dec. 10, 2023

Episode 31: Dimension Devices - Chattergeist Touch

Dimension Devices is one of the leading companies with the sole mission to redefine the paranormal investigation experience. They are the creators of their flagship product the Chattergheist Touch , we will be learning more a...

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Dec. 3, 2023

Episode 30: Author and UFO Witness Nomar Slevik

Author and UFO witness Nomar Slevik's journey began with a UFO encounter at the age of 4, that has lead him to be fascinated by all things paranormal ever since that moment. This experience and his passion to research, invest...

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Nov. 26, 2023

Episode 29: Rise of the UK Dogman with Cryptozoologist Colin Keelty

Colin Keelty is a cryptozoologist, and field researcher in the UK doing the same thing and is on the same mission as we are. Trying to find the evidence and answers to the mysterious world of cryptids and the mysteries …

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Nov. 19, 2023

Episode 28: Tombstone Paranormal

Tombstone Paranormal are a husband and wife team with a dedicated mission to seek out the truth and help those affected by the paranormal. We will be discussing some their past cases and where these investigations have taken ...

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Nov. 14, 2023

Episode 27: UFO Witness Author Michael Kameron

Author Michael Kameron: " HIGH STRANGENESS: A Lifetime of Alien & Paranormal Encounters" Stretching back from his childhood right through his adult life, author Michael Kameron has had experiences with the paranormal, alien a...

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Nov. 7, 2023

Episode 26: Paranormal Road-Trippin' with Brie

Paranormal Road-Trippin' with Brie! You will see her exploring locations such as: The Haunted Hinsdale House, Blackford County Jail, and Seaside Sanatorium. You will always catch Brie with a Ghost in hand as she’s chasing dow...

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Oct. 31, 2023

Episode 25: Author and UFO Witness Austin Shirey

Somewhere in the West during a road trip with his friends, our guest encountered something very unusual, an unexpected sighting of a UFO and also being observed by the ones called men in black. Our guest is also an author …

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Oct. 25, 2023

Episode 24: Author Mark E. Drotos "The Haunting of Crimshaw Manor"

Author Mark E. Drotos is no stranger to the world of the Paranormal. While attending Radford University, he once lived in a haunted house during his junior and senior year. His debut novel "The Haunting of Crimshaw Manor" is ...

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Oct. 18, 2023

Episode 23: Author B.C. Lienesch "Chasing Devils"

Author B.C. Lienesch "Chasing Devils" "Chasing Devils" is the latest action adventure/vigilante justice thriller book from Author B.C. Lienesch! Jackson Clay has been many things to law enforcement in his time helping those...

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Oct. 11, 2023

Episode 22: Dustin Grammer "Steeds Ridge"

From musician and director Dustin Grammer comes "Steeds Ridge" a fun mockumentary/found footage style movie about Bigfoot and Bigfoot witnesses. Now available on DVD and also streaming on We got a sneak peek the o...

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Oct. 5, 2023

Episode 21: Author J.E. Shook "Akachi the Dark Hunter"

Author J.E. Shook A powerful vampire and his followers have come from Europe to the dark continent. They had been moving across Africa for months. One man knows who they are and is trying to find them by chasing them …

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Sept. 28, 2023

Episode 20: Author M.K McDaniel "Misfit in Hell to Heaven Expat"

Author M.K. McDaniel Misfit In Hell to Heaven Expat invites the readers to follow in her tentative footsteps through Hell and to share her encounter with the total bliss of Heaven. A helpful look into losing one's fear of de...

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Sept. 20, 2023

Episode 19: Marie's UFOs

From the very early age of 3, our guest has been having paranormal and extraterrestrial experiences throughout their life. With three occasions of missing time and can recall some memories from each one. Eventually, this deve...

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Sept. 10, 2023

My Podcast Things with Co-Host Diego: mini-Pilot

My podcast Things with Co-Host Diego Mini-Pilot. Co-Host Diego searches through the flea markets and local businesses to search for new items to collect for the Let's Find Out with Co-Host Diego Studio/Museum. Steeds Ridge tr...

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Sept. 4, 2023

Episode 18: Author Josh Pritchett "The Adventures of Madison Brown: T…

Author Josh Pritchett not long ago published his popular book "Bigfoot and other Tales of the Supernatural" and is also best known for the Robot Repair Girl stories featured in the Brave new Girls Anthology series, now brings...

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Aug. 22, 2023

Episode 17: Author Michael Thompson "Winslow Hoffner's Incredible Enc…

Author Michael Thompson: His book "Winslow Hoffner's Incredible Encounters" features a remarkable story filled with folklore, cryptid creatures, magic, all told by one man that happens to have seen this all! Along with his o...

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Aug. 9, 2023

Episode 16: Author Mike Dupler "On the Trail of Bigfoot"

Author Mike Dupler's book "On the Trail of Bigfoot" , is a look into the author's own experiences with this creature, years of research, and provides a wealth of information that will surely interest the readers. We get into ...

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July 26, 2023

Episode 15: Paranormal Investigator Nate Elwell

Nate Elwell is a Paranormal researcher, TikTok para-video debunker/ Para-YouTube Content Creator. We discuss season 2 of his Tik Tok series, the latest Paranormal research equipment, his upcoming book, and a little UFO talk. ...

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July 22, 2023

Bonus Episode: UFO Sighting in Middletown, OH?

On Wednesday June 22nd at around 10:30pm Middletown, Ohio residents reported witnessing a shocking display of rotating green lights hovering above them. Several eyewitnesses reported seeing that a UFO was moving in a clockwis...

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June 29, 2023

Episode 14: Ghost in the Pod?

We take a look back at an audio anomaly that happened while we had the Ghost Bros. back on episode 4. A voice that quickly decided to show up during the recording on that episode. Is it a voice from …

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June 20, 2023

Episode 13: Artist Timothy Wayne Williams

Timothy Wayne Williams is a musician, photographer, and artist whose works can be found on numerous private and public collections worldwide. He will be sharing with us his personal experiences with the paranormal, and about...

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June 3, 2023

Episode 12: Colin Haskins - Connecticut Cryptid Investigative Society

During his whole life, Colin Haskins has had firsthand encounters with creatures such as Bigfoot, the black dog of Meriden, the Ghost Horses, and other unexplained strange phenomena. His need to understand his previous encoun...

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May 20, 2023

Episode 11: The Sasquatch Discovery Project

Since around the age of 12, Jeremy Frank has been very interested in the history of bigfoot. With his research and centuries worth of eyewitness accounts, his goal is to dig up and share these fascinating stories. Over the ye...

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May 17, 2023

Episode 11 Preview: The Sasquatch Discovery Project

Since around the age of 12, Jeremy Frank has been very interested in the history of bigfoot. With his research and centuries worth of eyewitness accounts, his goal is to dig up and share these fascinating stories." Over the y...

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