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Feb. 18, 2024

Episode 41: Gregory Fedora

Gregory Fedora has been seeking out the mysterious from a very early age and his goal is to document the history, mythology and tales of the peculiar creatures from around the world. You can check out all his fantastic videos...

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Feb. 11, 2024

Episode 40: Eastern Panther Researcher & Operations Curator of the In…

Eastern Panther researcher Jean Tewksbury. Jean Tewksbury is the Operations Curator of the International Cryptozoology Museum in Portland, Maine. She's also taken parts in expeditions for Bigfoot, Dogman, and mystery cats. We...

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Nov. 26, 2023

Episode 29: Rise of the UK Dogman with Cryptozoologist Colin Keelty

Colin Keelty is a cryptozoologist, and field researcher in the UK doing the same thing and is on the same mission as we are. Trying to find the evidence and answers to the mysterious world of cryptids and the mysteries …

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