June 17, 2019

"You Only Know What You Know" w/ April, ex-Scientology - S3E15pt1

April’s former fear of psychology, medication, th…

April’s former fear of psychology, medication, therapy, and even yoga were ingrained from a young age as she grew up in the Church of Scientology. She was taught to view mental health specialists as people who only wanted to capitalize on other people’s problems, and issue brainwashing medications. Scientology auditing replaced programs that could be helpful, and instead used their power to take advantage of the participants’ fears and need for acceptance. Rachel and April discuss the cause of epidemic suicide in young people who have no one to turn to outside of an abusive organization, after going through behavior modifications. Stay tuned, Before You Go: Rachel offers advice for breaking the cycle of manipulation when an abuser refuses to acknowledge their role. She encourages those who feel guilty for speaking up or taking action to be confident in their critical thinking skills.