Nov. 18, 2020

The "Healing" Industry w/ Erin Aquarian


Erin Aquarian is an artist and musician living in…

Erin Aquarian is an artist and musician living in Portland, Oregon. Around the age of 26, she began to explore spirituality, particularly witchcraft, to try to heal herself and make her life better. In 2012 she became involved with a “mystery school” for four years. Though she thought this school was helping her become her true self living a life of meaning and purpose, the school was rife with dysfunctional dynamics which deepened the wounds she showed up with and caused new ones she is now trying to heal from. Currently, Erin is recovering from eight years of being manipulated, gaslit, and misled by the people involved in this community, and others she has met and worked within various spirituality/healing modalities. Erin shares her experience healing from the damage the school inflicted on her and others. She emphasizes the importance of working only with licensed and trained mental health professionals on her recovery journey and exposes the dangers of the unregulated healing industry. Make sure to tune into the intro this week where Rachel addresses the importance of finding safe ways to connect this holiday season. Before You Go: Rachel explains how people can be more vulnerable to recruitment by cultic groups during times of existential crisis, especially after the loss of loved ones. She describes why people in these fragile states must avoid those who claim to have all the answers they seek. Thanks to our newest Patreon supporters: Chantal Dodson and Christina Hendricks Support the show at