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Humane host, wise, respectful
This pod is a must-listen whenever a new one hits the queue. Lowkey conversational tone, thoughtful questions and responses.

Great podcast, very educated host
I love this podcast because the host is so well educated on coercive controlled environments and cults in general. She is also the rare therapist that understands cults and the people who are in them.

Thoughtful host, enlightening conversations, not stuffed with ads.

This has been so healing for me, I’m so grateful to have this wonderful resource to help me in my journey to heal from an experience that is so clouded in isolation and mystery by its very nature.

I’ve learned lots through this podcast and so much compassion for survivors. All the brave folks who speak of their experiences to help others who may also be in the same situation. Also an awareness of what to watching for. The interviews are done with such grace . I so enjoy the end whereafter the interview she brings it all together offering such sage advice in an easy to understand way not as a lecture .

I absolutely love this podcast. The conversations are so genuine, and the information is so relevant. So many people are being coerced and indoctrinated in our society. From controlling relationships to radicalized political ideation, it’s more pervasive than we realize. Those of us who are fighting back need to band together and create a wall of love and acceptance so strong that the negativity and coercion of those who seek to harm cannot penetrate it. This podcast is a section of that wall.

A well of information, led by compassion
A knowledgeable host with an incredible roster of guests that would appeal to anyone interested in identifying and protecting themselves from coercive control, abuses of power, con artists and predators. I first discovered Rachel on the 2020 documentary “Seduced: Inside the NXIVM Cult” (a must-see) and have been a fan ever since.

An informative, trustworthy, insightful, respectful podcast.
Rachel’s warmth, sincerity and knowledge make her interviews with people so real and relatable. Each guest is able to open up and share their unique wisdom and experiences. I always learn new things and get fresh perspectives. Rachel and her guests model exploring and sharing together rather than indoctrinating listeners. I can’t recommend it highly enough!

Excellent show! Good for your health!
I LOOOOVE this show! It’s made me aware of coercive control, helped me see attitudes I was raised with that were unhelpful and given me a tool to educate my children so they can learn what to look out for and about what some of their peers experience. I cannot praise this enough! 10 out of 5 stars!

Validating and helpful
This podcast has been an important part of understanding the pattern of coercive control I’ve experienced in family dynamics and relationships and has been a supportive part of me to take back my life. Thank you!

Incisive and Insightful
Brilliant work, clearly presented! I found this podcast from Dr Steven Hassan and your recent interview on that podcast. I especially appreciate your analysis of coercive control which has lifted the veil and opened my eyes to the insidious nature of coercion and its prevalence in society. You provide information, analysis and, most importantly, concrete steps for resisting cultists and recovering from coercion. Don’t let the turkeys get you down and keep up the good work!

Ending Coercive Control
I had to come on and give a five star review after listening to the Ending Coercive Control episode. Everyone needs to listen to it and be educated about how to recognize coercive control in all it’s variations. It is such a sneaky, dangerous, abusive relationship pattern that most people know very little about, but all those same people have likely been a victim or perpetrator of at some point or another. If you only listen to one episode from this podcast, this is the one.

So helpful
Terrific interviews and helpful information and advice. I never miss an episode.

A Public Good! Invaluable resource for survivors, clinicians, and all citizens
I’m a practicing psychotherapist and am so grateful for the education, wisdom, empathy, and advocacy Rachel brings to this excellent, and timely, project. Greater understanding of coercive control and cult dynamics is growing, but we have a long way to go in clinical practice as well as our culture at large. This is a rich offering that I highly recommend- not only to survivors, or families torn apart by cults, but to anyone seeking to understand and protect themselves and our world from the perils of group think. Thank you Rachel!

Understanding abusive behaviors builds empathy and self protection
This podcast is so incredibly important. Understand how people and systems can influence how you think in ways that are HARMFUL to you. Once you really understand how these methods start subtly and build, you see even the smallest ways in so many places. Especially the small subtle in marketing, sales and branding in our consumerism and influencer culture. Once you start seeing the tiny subtle ways, you start to have empathy for people who have been pulled deeper into cults and been manipulated. Understanding they are NOT GULLIBLE or STUPID they are want to be a better person or even just feel belonging to a group.

Missing nuance with Stolen ep
Really great podcast overall. I love the topics and the hosts skill at navigating complex and sensitive subjects. I feel some irritation with the EG ep about the troubled teen industry. To be clear- it’s super problematic and does require more regulation. I worked for a program for 3 years, 15 years ago- I have no current affiliation with the industry. The only similarity I heard between the one I worked for and Elizabeth’s was the escorts used to get kids out to the program. Even as a 22 year old I knew this was problematic at best, abusive at worst. But there are ethical therapeutic wilderness programs and boarding schools out there, and the host and the guest consistently lumped them all in together which negates the power and efficacy of the programs that are run well. This is not me discrediting your experience or coming for you to defend the industry, just a request for more attunement to the spectrum that exists in the field, as well the fact that working with teens who are spiraling out and disconnected from empathy and consequences is really hard to find the perfect balance of treatment that utilizes boundaries but also keeps the staff safe.

Helpful perspectives
I have greatly appreciated Rachel’s valuable show. I have a family member who was involved in a cult. Indoctrination helped me understand how my family member’s behavior impacted - and continues to impact - the rest of our family. Rachel’s guests explain how they got involved in cults and how the cult treated them once they were inside. Thank you, Rachel.

Helpful for Everyone
This podcast has helped me get my brain back. Mine is a family story but no less powerful to have taken over my thinking. These control mechanisms are in place all around us. Thanks to Rachel and her guests for the help many of us desperately need.

Love love love this show
The content is so intriguing and it really helps me understand human nature and how to avoid high control groups!

Thank you. I learn something new about cults or hear an amazing insightful way of looking at something in a new way each time I listen.

Love this show
Love this podcast and all its fascinating guests!

The voice of reason
Dr. Bernstein is loving kindness personified. Love the attention she brings to the phenomenon of cults and coercively controlling relationships. Excellent guests and resources accompany each session.

Amazing Interviews and Conversations on Group Control
I love to learn from this podcast about all sorts of control groups and what they all have in common. Hearing directly from individuals who have survived them in a positive and proactive voice is so healing and fascinating. It’s wonderful to find stories like these given with a instructive and uplifting vibe without trivializing the raw and very real danger of these groups. Bravo!

Great Show!
Wonderful content! Look into Nerium (now Neora) if you want another MLM Cult!

A calm approach to emotional stories
I listen to a variety of podcasts. Some are hosted by people who are so enthusiastic about their topics that they talk over each other and sometimes themselves. I find myself returning to Indoctrination because of the calm, reasoned approach of the host and the variety of guests. Bravo!

One of the best
Everything about this podcast is outstanding. The host is intelligent and insightful. The topics and content are always interesting.

Love your podcast!!! 😊❤️
My favorite aunt, my cousins, and my cousins kids are American Sikhs. I grew up with this cult as a very positive force. I believe that my aunt joining the Sikh’s in 1969, is why she is still alive. Her children and grandchildren grew up in Amritsar. She got the best of the Siri Singh Saab. But I believe everything Sat Pavan Kaur has said. This has been very intense for everyone who was in this religion but not part of the abuse. It’s hard to reconcile all of the aspects of Yogi Bhajan. I myself, and my mom, got certified as 3HO level 1 kundalini yoga instructors. And we both thrived in that, and helped others too. I imagine that it’s easier to hold this dichotomy for me, than for my aunt and cousins. But I want to express that there really is this grey zone out there. American Sikhs, and their loved ones, who understand that trauma, and manipulation happened, but really benefited by the teachings. And shared the beauty of those teachings. It is so complicated.

Rachel is awesome!
I really enjoy this podcast, thank you!

Great explorations of the cult phenomenon in all its varied but basically all the same tune permutations. Thank you for your hard work!

Gripping and Educational
Rachel’s approach to her guests and their experiences is incredibly kind and clearly informed by decades of professional experience. I appreciate how she gives her guests space to tell their stories on their own terms. It’s like listening to aspects of a therapy session, but without hearing anything that violates the guest’s privacy or boundaries. Rachel and her guests are speaking truth to power, and I know Rachel pays a price for that in the form of retaliation from high-control groups whose tactics have been exposed on this show. Even though I have never been in a cult, this show reminds me to trust my own instincts and to push back in situations in which powerful people are telling me something that doesn’t seem right. Though this podcast is not meant to entertain, it is incredibly compelling, and a must listen for anyone who really wants to understand what it’s like to be in and survive a high-control group.