May 12, 2021

"It's not Christian, and it's not science" w/Elli

Elli was raised a third-generation Christian Scie…

Elli was raised a third-generation Christian Scientist in Southern California. She left the religion in her late teens and discovered it was a cult in her mid-twenties. Her journey of over 10 years has been undoing the restrictive thinking and false beliefs imprinted since birth and finding out who she is underneath it all. In this first part of a three-episode series, Elli shares with Rachel her story of growing up in a restrictive household and church where she was denied access to any form of medicine or healthcare. Throughout the conversation, Elli provides insight into her uniquely sheltered perspective and explains the confusing and disorienting feelings she experienced while integrating into broader society for the first time. Before You Go: Rachel addresses Elli's feelings of confusion surrounding a lack of basic medical language and how it can prevent the solution-oriented thinking that would usually lead to treatment from a doctor. Thanks to our newest Patrons: Caroline Hinton, Dolan, Felicia Baucom, and Heather Silsbee!! To help support the show monthly and sign up for cool Indoctrination stickers and tote bags, please visit: Want to support the IndoctriNation show with a one-time donation? Use this link! You can always help the show for free by leaving us a review on Apple/iTunes, it really helps the visibility of the show!