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Erin Lawrence from Tech Gadgets Canada with Echo Show 10 and other Hands on Reviews – HGG493

June 12, 2021

Erin Lawrence from is back this week as we take a long look at the Echo Show 10 (3rd Gen) and the 2021 Google Nest Hub with Sleep Sensing as the latest in smart speakers and digital assistance.

Marvin Bee from Podnutz Pro Talks Monitoring Networks with Hands On Tools – HGG492

June 5, 2021

We have Marvin Bee from Podnutz Pro found at joins us this week as we talk about all things networking. After getting to know Marv a bit (he goes by Uncle Marv on social) we dig into his day job at MB Systems,

Jim has a New Car and the Treadly 2 Hands On Review – HGG491

May 22, 2021

Jim and Mike are back this week with some exciting news on Jim’s new vehicle! You might be surprised by the choice he made and why. Jim also has a brand new Treadly 2 (link below) and give a first look and mini hands on review.

Dave McCabe and Gadget Geeks Woodworking Tools – HGG490

May 15, 2021

Dave McCabe from and the Reset Podcast joins us to talk Woodworking for gadget geeks this week on Home Gadget Geeks. We catch up first with a little crypto talk and then move into his projects with wood.

The Big Spring 2021 BBQ and Grill Show! – HGG489

May 8, 2021

Shawn Cooke and Mark Robson join us this week as we talk about BBQ and Smoking rubs. Shawn walks us thru his process of creating rubs and we talk about his 9 grills. Don’t come to the show hungry!  All that and more!

When is Mining Crypto Worth it and Apple iMac and AirTag First Look – HGG488

May 1, 2021

We have a listener question from Kyle about when is it worth it and not worth it to mine crypto. Mike looks at all the factors and gives some advice. Mike is watching more F1 racing and even paying for it! We look at the new hardware from Apple with th...

Crypto Exchanges, Tesla Test Drive and Leaving YouTube Premium – HGG487

April 24, 2021

We spend some time this week talking about using Crypto Exchanges and after Coinbase, what might be your next exchange. Jim does a Tesla test drive last weekend and gives his thoughts. We wrap with some thoughts on Mike’s PC upgrade as he considers joi...

Cody Wheat from Shots of History with Alcohol Industry Update – HGG486

April 17, 2021

Cody Wheat from joins us this week to update us on his work at, how the alcohol industry faired during the pandemic and some updates on what is ahead as the world recovers.

Crypto Market Update, New Monitors, Self Hosting for Mike and Apartment Gadgets – HGG485

April 10, 2021

We open the show with an update on the crypto market and Jim’s updates on the new ultrawide monitor that he purchased from a tip from Honey. Mike needs some advice when it comes to self hosting or cloud hosting storage and password managers.

Upgrading to Ultrawide Monitors, Valheim and Unraid Updates – HGG484

March 27, 2021

Monitors have never been cheaper and Jim thinks now is the time to move to a new Ultrawide monitor for the Mac and Mike has some options. We also talk about the new game that is taking the world by storm, Valheim.

Raz from Flowater talks FloFaucet and Refill Station and Issues Facing Plastic in Water – HGG483

March 20, 2021

Raz from joins us this week as discuss some of the substances found in drinking water that might surprise people, what is the FloFaucet, and what makes it unique as well as the benefits of using a FloWater Faucet Filter o...

Dewain Robinson with updates from the Pandemic, New Office Tech Walkthru – HGG482

March 6, 2021

We have Dewain Robinson back after a year and get some updates on a family move, what has changed during the pandemic and an update on all his new office tech. It’s great to catch up with Dewain and lots of gadget conversation!  All that and more!

Jay Mattison from TekEverything and How to get a CPU/GPU in 2021 – HGG481

Feb. 27, 2021

We have Jay Mattison back from TekEverything and we catch up with Jay and his adventures in purchasing an AMD Ryzen 9 CPU and Nvidia GPUs. I think you might be surprise on what he had to do to get them in hand! We also talk small form factor PCs,

Jon Maddox from Channels – HGG480

Feb. 20, 2021

We have Jon Maddox from Channels this week as we talk about the history of and reasons why Channels exists today. It’s all things Channels this week! All that and more!  Full show notes, transcriptions, audio and video at http://theAverageGuy.

Erin Lawrence with Apple Airpods Max v Pro, Moen Smart Faucet and USB Outlets – HGG479

Feb. 13, 2021

Erin Lawrence is back with us from as we discuss some issues that Jim is having with the new Mac Mini. Erin is purchasing the new Airpods Max to review even though she is just published a review on the Airpods Pro.

It’s all About the Mac, About the Mac, Some Windows (Sing it!) – HGG478

Feb. 6, 2021

The Mac Mini M1 has arrived and Jim spends some time going over the studio set up, installs and moving all the applications over from Windows. He looks at to manage browser favorites and Synergy to handle the KVM duties moving forward.

Coinbase Promo, GameStop Explained and PC Hardware Changes in the Studio – HGG477

Jan. 30, 2021

With all that is happening with GameStop right now, we discover this technique is nothing new. Crypto traders have been doing this for the last several years! We discuss what happens to Jim’s studio now that the Mac Mini is arriving on February 5th and...

To Mac or Not to Mac, That is the Question – HGG476

Jan. 23, 2021

In a follow up to the post show conversation from show 475, Jim works thru all the options in purchasing a new Mac. Mike and Jim talk about configurations, setup, use and then pulls the trigger. Catch all the action including some additional info on Ch...