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Listener Feedback, New Ring Cam and Networking Troubleshooting – HGG498

July 24, 2021

Mike and Jim spend at the front of the show with some listener feedback, but via email and a call in message. Jim then asks for help with the placement of a new Ring Stick Up Cam and a solution to monitor this new generator.

Technology Blunders and Disasters – HGG497

July 17, 2021

Mike and Jim look at some recent technology issues at home that have caused us to rethink our setups. Is it all worth it? Have we made it too complicated? It’s it all worth it?  All that and more! &amplt;span data-mce-type=”bookmark” style=”display: in...

Richard Hay from Windows Observer with Everything Windows 11 – HGG496

July 13, 2021

We have Richard Hay from Windows Observer and ITPro Today as we talk about all things Windows 11. What is new, what is old and what to expect when it rolls out later this fall.  All that and more! &amplt;span data-mce-type=”bookmark” style=”display: in...

Jon Panozzo from Unraid Updates on 6.9 and the new Uncast Podcast – HGG495

July 3, 2021

We have Jon Panozzo from Unraid this week on Home Gadget Geeks. Jon updates us on the Unraid 6.9 upgrade and what to look forward to in 6.10. We also spend some time looking at the most popular apps on Unraid.

Christian Johnson with Wyze Security Cams, Maple Grove Updates and EV Choices – HGG494

June 19, 2021

Christian Johnson is back this week, and we spend some time catching up with him. We talk some home automation and Wyse Cams for the new place. We spend some time talking about Maple Grove Partners and we catch up on all the changes happening there.

Erin Lawrence from Tech Gadgets Canada with Echo Show 10 and other Hands on Reviews – HGG493

June 12, 2021

Erin Lawrence from is back this week as we take a long look at the Echo Show 10 (3rd Gen) and the 2021 Google Nest Hub with Sleep Sensing as the latest in smart speakers and digital assistance.