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Mike Wieger Catch up and a Deep Dive on the PC/VR Build for Jim – HGG554

Dec. 3, 2022

Mike Wieger is back for the week! Need I say more? Lots of PC build conversation and we catch up with what is happening in Mike’s world. Thanks for your Patreon Support! Thanks for listening. Full show notes, transcriptions …

Phil Collison talks Cherry Bounce with Whiskey, Turkey Temp Duel and Wood Splitting Tools Gone Wrong – HGG553

Nov. 26, 2022

Sammie was out sick tonight, so my oldest Phil joins me. We start the show with some talk about some cherry-infused whiskey that we made back in June and drank over Thanksgiving celebrations. We also look at 5 or 6 bourbons …

Dave Hamilton from Mac Geek Gab and All Things Apple – HGG552

Nov. 12, 2022

Dave Hamilton from the Mac Geek Gab Podcast joins me for this episode. Lots of great gadget conversation that goes well beyond Apple. We also have an extended conversation on VR. Make sure you visit https://www.macgeekgab.co…

Marv Bee with Cyber Security Month Lessons, Tech Conferences and Updates on PC Builds – HGG551

Nov. 5, 2022

Marv Bee joins this week from the IT Business Podcast and we chat some about Cyber Security Month, a bit about upcoming tech conferences, my upcoming PC build and even some home automation conversation at the very end.

Christian Johnson with MGP Updates, Christian’s Corner on Crypto Today and More PC Build Considerations – HGG550

Oct. 22, 2022

Christian Johnson is back for episode 550 with an update on Maple Grove Partners, his take on the current crypto space and markets. We wrap the show with a good hard look at some motherboards, memory and hard drives for Jim’…

Edward Weniger from Alpha Bitcoin and an Update on the Crypto Business and Market – HGG549

Oct. 15, 2022

I have Edward Weniger, President, Alpha Bitcoin and local to Omaha. We discuss the advantages and disadvantages of mining Bitcoin at home and on a commercial scale. We note that while commercial mining operations have higher…