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A must listen!
Ran across this show right after buying our first home last Spring, and it's become a fast favorite! No matter the topic, I gain something from every episode. Insightful guests, actionable takeaways, and general geeking out... what more could you ask for? 🤓

Geeks Unite!
Really enjoy the podcast. Each week’s episode provides a wide variety of topics and tech gadgets out there. The guests are always knowledge and add tremendous depth to the podcast. Keep it up, guys.

OK - I'm a Tech Geek
I admit it. I love tech. I can't get involved in everything so it's great listening to Home Gadget Geeks. Keeps me updated on everything from blockchains to BBQ. Good job Jim and Mike!

Great show, Outstanding Host
I am not only a fan of Jim Collison's podcasts, but I had the priviledge to be a guest on Home Gadget Geeks. Jim is a terrific interviewer and facilitiates informative and entertaining conversations. For anyone who wants to improve at podcasting, Jim is an excellent resource to follow and learn from. I highly recommend subscribing to Home Gadget Geeks and checking out the rest of Jim's content at website.

Great podcast for the home geek
Listen to it weekly never a disappointment.

Great show
Always helpful

guys talking tech
Pleasant voices covering intersting home tech topics, what's not to like? Recommended

Good stuff for average guys like me
I’m not one of those subscribe-to-every-tech podcast out there kinda guys. I’m technically inclined, but bored easily with those high brow “I”m the smartest guy in the room and want everybody to know it.” Jim is a terrific host and conversationalist. I can easily listen to Jim and his guests knowing I may be the dumbest guy in the room, but they always make me feel smarter for listening.

Informative and entertaining
There is a reason I look forward to this show each week and that is because it is the perfect mix of information and entertainment. Jim and his guests are great to listen to and I come away having learned something every week.

VPNs for secure WiFi, ethical hacking, and more, great stuff!
I always enjoy listening to Christian, and the various guests Jim just keeps managing to find. You'll want to pay attention to this podcast, it requires it, in a good way!

Great show
One of the best shows for the home pc enthusiast. I've been listening to it each week for over two years and I'd highly recommend it. Jim and team are very professional and the show is very informative.

Great tech show
Jim is a nut! A tech nut! Great show for folks looking to scratch their tech itch.

Awesome show!
so sorry, seems i left a review under my husband's name of pytheas2.0! LOL! well, now he is subscribed :) but thanks for hosting a great show with a variety of information! I'm a photographer and no where near knowing about techy stuff, so maybe i'll learn a thing or two and impress my husband ;)

Excellent Podcast!!
Easily a winner when it comes to knowing their stuff!! These guys always seem to know what I am thinking, and just put the info out there! Keep up the great work, Hands down, the friendliest bunch around!

Take it from me
If you have a connected home, you owe it to yourself to listen to this podcast. The tips, tricks and news save me tons of time from browsing a ton of websites constantly.

Pretty Tech savvy. Thanks!

Great Info
Very informative and also entertaining - keep up the good work!

Great info
Excellent show with information you can use.

Great resource!
Informative and entertaining!

Becoming My Favorite Podcast
I first hear Jim over at the HomeServer Show podcast. I quickly became interested in a home server after my desktop literally crashed (was knocked over) by my 13 year old. My wife then game me carte blanche to recover my wedding/honeymoon photos and then guarantee they were never at risk again. When he went out on his own at theaverageguy I made sure to listen every week. His cohosts are great, with Christian making me feel like such an underachiever. When you realize how young he is you will feel the same way too. I also like how the internet/podcasts have helped tech geeks from all over the world come together and discuss their common interests. Subscribe, you won't be disappointed.

Great Tech Show
I am one of the rotational guest on the show. I enjoy my turn in talking about tech with the regulars and enjoy listening to the show weekly. I like that The Home Tech Podcast brings together a good group of people and is such a nice community to learn from. Thanks for the oppurtunities and the podcasts... keep them going.

Good stuff
Great show; thanks for sharing your knowledge in an easy to understand way!

Great Podcast
Found out about you from the Jpeg2Raw podcast awhile back! Great stuff here!

Great show for the home tech nerd :-)
Great show for the home tech nerd. :-)

Excellent Show
Excellent tech show for the average guy that provides the information we need.

The Home Tech Podcast
This is a great show! with an interesting mix of guests and topics. Jim pulls from his circle of tech friends to round out his weekly podcast discussions.