Dec. 9, 2022

The Haunting History of Bicclescombe Mill with Beverley Turney

The Haunting History of Bicclescombe Mill with Beverley Turney

Joining me today is medium and paranormal investigator Beverley Turney to discuss the location Bicclescombe Mill in Ilfracombe. First listed in 1795 as a corn mill Beverley shares her insight as to some of the paranormal activity this location has to share, its incredible history as well as its importance within the area. 

Beverley helps share a number of important historical and paranormal hidden gems with the community so make sure to listen to access how you can explore some of these fabulous locations and help preserve these buildings for future generations to love, explore and investigate. 

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Beverley Turney

Psychic Medium. Founder and owner of Spirit Seekers Paranormal and Spirit Seekers History

Beverley Turney is a Psychic Medium who started to notice that she could communicate with spirit when she was about 10 years old when she lived in a haunted house. This connection was something that only continued to get stronger and stronger as she got older.
Beverley travelled around our counties here in the UK to different spiritualist churches to find out how different mediums approached the craft which she found really helpful and enhanced her approaches and it was from this that she started to do local investigations. She has worked for almost 10 years doing private readings and body readings and has also helped out on a couple of court cases. She is currently helping to save historic buildings and introducing paranormal nights to these locations in order to help local businesses through the winter months.
Beverley has a passion for history and historic buildings and tries to get the public to join in on events that they conduct around the local towns. She is also currently a booking agent for a few venues as well now and is the founder and owner of Spirit Seekers Paranormal and Spirit Seekers History (over on Facebook at