March 3, 2023

Hidden, Forbidden And Off-Limits With Steve Higgins

Hidden, Forbidden And Off-Limits With Steve Higgins

Joining me today is Steve Higgens to talk about his new book Hidden, Forbidden and Off-Limits which explores the unknown worlds and hidden landscapes beneath our feet. We explored the attraction of these types of forgotten structures, some of the intriguing history and why somes of these spaces become associated with the paranormal....

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Steve Higgins Profile Photo

Steve Higgins

Paranormal writer, occasional urban explorer & content creator

Having spent much of his professional life honing his creative skills working with some of the country's biggest brands in London, Steve Higgins has returned to the South West of England, where he now focuses on creating content for his own audience.

Initially Steve started blogging about a variety of topics, including urban exploration and secret underground bases, as well as ghosts and hauntings. Now ten years on, Steve, who considers himself to be a sceptic, runs one of the UK's biggest paranormal news websites. reaches 500,000+ readers every month with daily articles and features on the paranormal and the unexplained, as well as reviews of ghost hunting television shows and supernatural movies.

Like many in the paranormal field, Steve's obsession with ghosts started as a child, fuelled by movies like 'Ghostbusters', 'Poltergeist' and of course the legendary BBC Halloween special, 'Ghost Watch'.