April 29, 2022

Ghoul Guide Wanderings with Courtney Eastman

Ghoul Guide Wanderings with Courtney Eastman

Joining me today is my very first guest from season one Courtney Eastman aka The Ghoul Guide. We got to sit and chat about Courtney's contributions to The Feminine Macabre, some of the latest investigations she has been on and future Ghoul Guide Wanderings. It is always lovely to sit and chat with Courtney who is incredibly passionate about the paranormal field. So sit back and get comfortable and lets enjoy this journey into the world of the paranormal with our very own Ghoul Guide. 

If you want to read Courtney's contribution to the Haunted History Chronicles blog you can read her piece looking at Indiana State Sanatorium here https://www.podpage.com/haunted-history-chronicles/blog/a-new-haunt-has-arrived-the-indiana-state-sanatorium-by-courtney-eastman/  

and if you haven't already listened to her episode discussing Rolling Hills Asylum then you are missing out https://www.podpage.com/haunted-history-chronicles/category/haunted-asylum/ 

Thank you for listening.

If you want to get your hands on The Feminine Macabre Volume I, II or III then make sure to take a look at https://spookeats.com/femininemacabre/ or via Amazon. You can explore my chapter titled, 'In Search of the Medieval' in Volume III.

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Based mainly out of Buffalo, NY, The Ghoul Guide is ran by Courtney, a paranormal enthusiast who takes you along for her travels into the paranormal world. Whether it’s haunted locations, old graveyards or a good ghost story, you’ll learn about the past that shouldn’t be forgotten and who knows— maybe you’ll walk away from The Ghoul Guide with a place you’ll have to check out for yourself!