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these two women are so nourishing and raw and authentic! absolutely love them and will be participating in one of those retreats!!!

Best podcast!!!
Excellent episodes! I learn so much about self worth and sexual freedom. 10’s across the board!!!

I love it here !
This is truly my favorite podcast ! This podcast has taught me so much and have allowed me to give myself permission to slow down and enjoy ALL the pleasure of life! Thank you for being real, raw, and vulnerable 🤎! I can’t wait to join y’all at a retreat!

Thank you so much for this first episode of 2024! Love you ladies so much !!!

Pure Bliss!!!
Thank you!! I appreciate you sharing your soul and wisdom with me the world. Keep being a bright light in the world. Peace and Love.

Just a thought
Hey ladies, just FYI. Their locs, not dreads. Nothing dreadful about loc’d hair. When you said Milah had dreadlocs 😞😣 Do the knowledge. Just saying. Love always!

Stumbled upon these ladies a few months ago while walking my dog & literally it’s the only thing I listen to on all my walks now. Since I’m way late to the game I’ve been listening to past episodes, but have fallen in love with the realest & relatable things they speak on!

My faves
These are my girls! I listen to GMBC faithfully every Wednesday and look forward to their episodes. They helped me step into my sexuality and transmute a ton of sexual shame that I carried from my childhood. I never had any peers who were so confident and comfortable in expressing their sexuality and sitting in their sexual goddess-hood, so Erica and Milah are like those homegirls for me! I’m also a witch so i love hearing as they continue to evolve in their divinity and spirituality! So grateful for y’all and what y’all do 🫶🏿

Adore this Pod! 💗
I absolutely love this pod, I’ve been listening for almost a year now. I relate to you both so much! This is more than a podcast to me, it really is a sisterhood! I love you both so much! I’m going to subscribe to Patreon today 🫶🏽💞🫶🏽💞 Thank you both for creating a safe place for moms and to all women to be themselves without having the fear of being judged.

Love you guys 💚🫂
I really love this podcast . I love how open you both are. Y’all are a joy to listen to and so funny. Not to mention, you both are moms & also practice spirituality , like me 💚🥺 It feels good to know that there are women out there just like me 💚 can’t wait to meet you guys someday!

Love This Podcast!
I've been meaning to write this review for a while because you two are correct - black women content creators do not get enough reviews and accolades for their amazing work! I have been listening to this podcast weekly for a couple of years now and I'm not even a mom yet. You two are so relatable and have given me such insight into what to be aware of when I do start a family. I learn a lot from you two about how to stay true to myself and not be consumed in one specific area of my life!

LADIES ! You did your big one with this podcast
I love listening every week. Y’all make me feel heard and seen. Thanks for being such a force of magic and love. Can’t wait to join y’all on a good vibes retreat soon.

Boss Witches
Thank you ladies for your transparency. I have always resonated with you ladies and I love all the progress you’ve made in your lives and your show. You guys are awesome! My besties in my head😘

This show lifts my spirits to new heights. I feel immensely inspired while listening and after it. My creative side blossoms throughout their conversation and even without guests, the dialogue stays elevated. Can’t wait to join a retreat or attend a live show. Bless up ladies!

Something I didn’t know I needed
I love this podcast as a mom I’m so happy to find a group of mothers who keep it real and can explore the other side of motherhood that people be afraid to admit. When your tired of the 101 things to do to be a “ good mom” this podcast is my go to to get real and find my own identity outside of motherhood !

Love the content started listening while pregnant. Haven’t look back since and this was in 2020.

The bomb!
Love tuning in to hear/see you ladies weekly. The vibe is unmatched! Keep it up Queens 💗

Must listen!
I absolutely love to hear things from these ladies’ perspectives!! They definitely say the things a lot of us are thinking.

A Fave
Funny, relatable, and great content. I love the guests that you ladies bring on. And I love that you are both normalizing raising families while having active personal lives too.

Like hanging with your girlfriends
I’ve been a listener for a few years and it’s been beautiful to witness the evolution of this podcast along with its hosts. It’s spiritual yet very grounded. I especially love the episodes when it’s just Milah and Erica but they also have great guests

Relatable on so many levels
I’ve been listening to these ladies for many years and I’ve always been able to relate and be inspired by their growth and stories.

Best Podcast Ever
Loved this last episode.

Loving the raw and real recent episode. Erica I hearrrrr you. And I’m reflect inwardly the same . So much growth to be proud of despite feeling all the feelings 🙏🏼💕

First time
This is my first time! And I love it! Super funny. I love how real and straight forward yall are! Check out my podcast that I manage!! The Ben Keech Show!

Inspiring and insightful.
The podcast and the book have been such amazing eye opening experiences.

Love the show
Relatable, funny, honest and open

Amazing, insightful and most importantly, REAL Thank you.

Beautiful show
Thank you to Milah and Erica for their continued episodes of this show. I am criticizing myself and so I am thankful for the grace that Milah and Erica give to themselves which helps me give it to myself. Listening to this show and going to their retreat has been transformative for me. They helped me get back to who I am and find my purpose again after my postpartum depression. I am forever grateful.

Love this show!
I dont do reviews often but heard y’all ask and i wasnt driving this time so i could actually do it! I definitely wanted to help get your number and rating up! Keeping doing what yall are doing. The show gives me good vibes every time!

By FAR the BEST podcast I’ve listening to 🎧 ❤️🎧