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Good Moms Bad Choices

If Oprah and Howard Stern had a baby it would be Good Moms Bad Choices. Meet Erica and Milah, two uncensored and outspoken sex and cannabis-positive parents who are redefining what modern motherhood looks like and breaking life's archaic stereotypes. Warning, this is not your everyday mommy Podcast! In fact, this audio diary is not only for parents but women who feel alone in their good and bad choices. From guests like social Activists, Shaun King, to Porn Star parents, every week Good Moms deliver personal perspectives and voices that inspire and empower. Erica and Milah's sometimes "bad choices" keep this weekly podcast as entertaining and unpredictable as life itself. New episodes drop every Wednesday! Welcome to the Tribe! Instagram: @goodmoms_badchoicesWatch our episodes and stream secret episodes www.patreon.com/goodmomsbadchoices.

Recent Episodes

Dec. 1, 2021

Forgiveness 101

Welcome to Deeper December. This month, we are focusing on digging deeper into the self and unveiling traumas/ obstacles you …

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Nov. 24, 2021

Good Moms Get Dominated Feat. Sir Marvelous

In this week’s episode, Good Moms are joined by a fire play specialist and BDSM Dom Sir Marvelous! Tune in to hear and watch him…

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Nov. 17, 2021

5 Ways To Have Better Sex With Your Partner

It’s Mix It Up November & Good Moms want In order to do this, Erica and Milah revisit the theme from last month, Uncomfortable Co…

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Nov. 10, 2021

Women Empowerment Is A Myth Feat. Joe Budden

Welcome to the second week of Mix it Up November. In this week’s episode, @WatchErica and @Milah_Mappo are joined by former rapp…

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Nov. 3, 2021

We're Not Really Strangers

Tribe, Welcome to Wild Card November! This month, we’re mixing it up and getting to know each other on a deeper level (if that’s…

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Oct. 27, 2021

How To Spot A Narcissist Feat. Megan Dorty

Welcome to the final week of Uncomfortable Conversations October. This week, Good Moms are joined by certified life coach and…

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