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Jan. 3, 2021

Business in the Bedroom Episode 0: Ramping Up Business in the Bedroom

Business in the Bedroom Episode 0: Ramping Up Business in the Bedroom

Be sure to find Business in the Bedroom - A Bootstrapper's Guide to Doing It, with ME--Curve the Cube host, Jaime Legagneur. I've built my business, Flint Stone Media, from MY bedroom as my passionate pursuit of making OTHER people's dreams and goals come to fruition.

I started my first podcast on this subject back in 2014, calling it "Curve the Cube," interviewing other people on how they had been finding success doing what they truly love--in order to guide not only myself, but also others. And, I've been building a business around helping others achieve their OWN business goals ever since. So, this new show, Business in the Bedroom, is my latest effort to do just that, and I'm sooo happy that you're going to be joining me.

Normally, this show will be delivered every other week on Mondays. But, I'm getting things ready to launch on Monday, January 4th with a strong 8-episode push, which I'll give a rundown for in this trailer, so you can know what's coming up!

I’m assuming you will be listening to this, because you are either running a business from YOUR bedroom or are thinking about it. So, please visit BizInTheBedroom.com for all the ways we can connect, such as:

And, remember to "Hit it hard. Keep the lights on." Let's do this!!

Link to Sound File for Sight Impaired: Click Here

Host: Jaime ("Jemmy") Legagneur


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