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Sept. 1, 2017

#122 - Birthday 2017 and Podcast Movement - 20170901

#122 - Birthday 2017 and Podcast Movement - 20170901

Follow My PM17 Adventures and Catch up on My Last Year of Curving My Cube

My 2017 Birthday Episode Plus My First Podcast Movement Experience

Thanks for joining me on my second annual birthday episode! Episode #122 will sound very different, as I sewed together a number of daily Podcast Movement recaps with the newly-discovered Anchor App almost exclusively using my phone. The audio quality does vary from clip to clip, as I was experimenting on the fly with the app in part for the next episode of Eggheads After Hours, out on the 3rd.

In addition to my PM17 adventures, you'll hear my IGNITE presentation, my interview with Chris Krimitsos--the man behind The Messengers: a Podcast Documentary, and (what I was most excited about) my birthday interview with Glenn Hebert from the Horse Radio Network!

So, sit back and relax, and enjoy this 122nd episode of Curve the Cube!!! And, at the end, I'll share a major change brewing for the future of this show. It's massive, guys... MASSIVE!

Episode timestamps and mentions:
3:51: Anchor App
8:16: My IGNITE presentation
14:05: Chris Krimitsos + The Messengers Documentary
20:14: Hustle & Flow (Brittany Luse & Eric Eddings) + Eric Nuzum
21:05: Tosha Alani
23:28: Glenn Hebert interviews me for my birthday
25:40: Hindenburg Journalist
34:27: The Messengers: a Podcast Documentary
36:20: Diane Stuckart & the Mystery Writers of America, Florida Chapter
39:02: Florida Podcast Network
42:30: The KVJ Show
44:12: Podfest
46:24: Shure Microphones & Talk Shoe
48:02: Sass or Salt
48:55: Danny Peña & Parris Lilly of Gamertag Radio
50:41: Liz Covart
50:45: Dr. Drew
51:20: Elsie Escobar
52:50: Dave Lee & International Podcast Day
55:05: Aimee J & Ronei Harden-Moroney
56:30: Ryan Gray
58:30: Missing Richard Simmons
58:45: Stephen A. Hart
59:39: Kerry-Anne Reid-Brown
1:02:10: Jeni Wren Stottrup
1:04:50: Dave Jackson
1:05:45: Rob Walch
1:06:04: Eric & TASCAM
1:08:58: Jessica Kupferman
1:10:16: Jared Easley, Dan Franks & Podcast Movement
1:10:33: Mark Deal

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