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Aug. 15, 2017

#121 - VLOGGER - Kate Volman - 20170815

#121 - VLOGGER - Kate Volman - 20170815

Vlogger, Small Business Champion, and Guru Content Creator Shares her Action Items!!

Vlogger and Content Creator Kate Volman on the Curve the Cube Podcast

Hey! Welcome to episode 121 of Curve the Cube where we talk to people walking the walk--those dreamers who've become doers--or, "curvists," as I like to call them, since they curve their way around those obstacles and figure out how to get stuff done. And, this episode features a lady who I am not only so happy, but also so proud to call a friend. Her name is Kate Volman, and if you are also a fan of my other podcast, Eggheads After Hours, then you have heard her voice before giving all kinds of fantastic tips, or "Business Bites," as she calls them, about how to propel your business forward. She is undeniably smart and strategic, AND she has figured out how to really craft her career with purpose.

Kate's specialty is vlogging--a.k.a., “video blogging”--and using videos to create fantastic brand content, communicate with her followers, and create lasting relationships. If you have a blog, vlog, marketing team, or are just thinking, "What's the best way for me to get my message out there and build an online reputation?" Kate is for you!!

Now, the Learning Curve segment at the end of this episode is going to be SUPER short, because Kate does such a fantastic job of digging in deep with her ideas and creating clear action items for you to take. So, I really don't have to do much. She makes my job so much easier, lol.

So, let's get on with my talk with Kate Volman. You are going to gain so much valuable information and see pretty quickly why I adore her so.


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