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Oct. 1, 2017

#124 - ARTIST AND PHOTOGRAPHER - Jamaal 'Visualist' Clark - 20171001

#124 - ARTIST AND PHOTOGRAPHER - Jamaal 'Visualist' Clark - 20171001

An Introduction to Onyx and Expanding His Vision for the Future!!


I had a chance to catch up with long-time friend of the podcast--artist and photographer, Jamaal "Visualist" Clark.

We chat about his painting, his photography, and expanding his horizons and his vision for the future!

Now, I didn't have a chance to record a Learning Curve segment for this episode. Things have been CRAZY these last couple of weeks with technical issues post-Hurricane Irma and with preparing for my International Podcast Day broadcast. But, I promise to get The Learning Curve back on track for the next episode!!

Also, I'll be starting up a new segment in a future episode where I share something cool that a former guest or one of you guys is doing in pursuing your dream. And, I'm open to suggestions for naming that segment. Drop me a line on the Dreamers Become Doers Facebook page to make your suggestion!

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