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Dec. 22, 2014

#7 - NIGHTLIFE – Garett Hagan - 2014-12-20

#7 - NIGHTLIFE – Garett Hagan - 2014-12-20

General Manager of Dirty Martini in Palm Beach Gardens!!!

Garett Hagan Block

Garett Hagan is the General Manager of Dirty Martini in Palm Beach Gardens, and from dish-washer to competitive bartender, to GM extraordinaire, he has done it ALL in the hospitality business.  He’s worked his way up in the ranks through lots of hard work and enthusiasm for customer service and the crafting of a good drink.

In this podcast episode, Garett shares his career story, how he’s accomplished opening so many successful venues, and what great venture he has waiting on the horizon.  He’s a super personable, smart guy with a never-ending fascination and excitement for it all. Garett is a perfect example of when passion meets practice, success is inevitable.


Music Bed courtesy of DJ John Hitta!!!

DJ John Hitta

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