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Nov. 28, 2014

#5 – CTCKids – AUTHOR & ENTREPRENEUR – Houston Gunn - 2014-11-25

#5 – CTCKids – AUTHOR & ENTREPRENEUR – Houston Gunn - 2014-11-25

Rising teen author, entrepreneur, and singer/songwriter!!!

Houston Gunn Block

This fifth episode of the podcast is the second “phone”-cast, and features young author and rising entrepreneur, Houston Gunn!!!  Houston is just 17 years old, and has already authored TWO books on reaching for success, started his own publishing house, met Donald Trump, and has a goal of graduating high school as a millionaire!  He’s dabbled in real estate and private lending, while also moved to Nashville from Seattle in order to cultivate his musical career.  Have I mentioned that he has yet to graduate from HIGH SCHOOL?!?!?!  INCREDIBLE!!!

The amount of insight this kid has already developed is PHENOMENAL, and he has some really choice pieces of advice for others looking to succeed at making their own way.  He talks motivation, hard work, overcoming fear, and pursuing your passions.  There is just so much great advice gleamed from this young man in this podcast, its awe-inspiring; and, whether young or old, everyone can learn something from this guy!

I am so jazzed for all the possibilities that this podcast has inspired, too.  This kid is so impressive, I’m now considering producing a special series of “next generation” podcasts for other amazing young up-and-comers.  There is something particularly exciting about their energy and effervescence!!


Music Bed courtesy of DJ John Hitta!!!

DJ John Hitta


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