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Nov. 17, 2014

#3 – NEWS - Jay Cashmere - 2014-11-12

#3 – NEWS  - Jay Cashmere - 2014-11-12

Anchor for WPTV News Channel 5 and WFLX Fox 29!

Jay Cashmere Block

Wow! Jay Cashmere sure brought a lot of positivity and great energy to this podcast! Talk about a fun, sweet guy. Jay has been a part of south Florida’s news scene for nearly 14 years now (Happy Almost Anniversary, Jay!), and is currently an anchor for both WPTV News Channel 5 and WFLX Fox 29.

In our chat, Jay gives some really inspirational insights into how he pursued his career and was able to break into such a huge, hot market.  He is so appreciative of the opportunities that being a newsman in south Florida have brought him, takes every opportunity to give back, and shies away from the “local celebrity” label. His love of the news led him to an opportunity to explore his other passion—aviation; but, what happened that day is something you just have to hear for yourself!!

Enjoy this high-energy, insightful podcast and catch Jay weeknights as the anchor of WPTV (NBC 5) at 5:30 and WFLX (Fox 29) at 10pm.  Also, he also usually has a segment on his co-anchor, Shannon Cake’s, show, The Now, which airs on WPTV weekdays at 4pm.

Thanks, Jay!!!

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