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Aug. 1, 2017

#120 - PHOTOGRAPHER - Nikyta Haynes - 20170801

#120 - PHOTOGRAPHER - Nikyta Haynes - 20170801

When Your Inner Toddler Speaks to Your True Self!

Photographer Nikyta Haynes on the Curve the Cube Podcast

Thanks so much for joining me on episode 120 where I feature one of my new best friends (seriously... I told her I was adopting her as my new little sister), photographer Nikyta Haynes!! Her brand is Kyta Beez and her tag line is "Definitely Different" and I can personally testify that this girl STANDS OUT!! I got to meet her at an art exhibit by long-time friend of the show, Jafleu. She was just walking around doing her thing and taking pictures. I had brought my son, Jordon, along with me and surprised him by bringing his camera, so he could take pictures, too. (He wants to be a photographer when he grows up, after all.)

We ran into Nikyta while wandering the various photography studies and Jordon and I were both instantly taken by her. She was so kind to him, he loved her "cool" camera, as he put it, and they even took photos together in one of the professional studios. You simply don't meet kind people like that everyday. And, when she gave me a glimpse into her story, I just HAD to have her on the show!

And, she was so nice in joining me at my Entrepreneur Influencers Brunch hosted by Style Chambers last weekend. She took some great photos of the event, which you can browse through here.

Now, sit back and relax and listen to this inspiring episode with Nikyta and check out her work at Kytabeez.com! It's episode 120... enjoy!

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