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June 1, 2017

#116 - SOLOCAST - Building Your Tribe - 20170601

#116 - SOLOCAST - Building Your Tribe - 20170601

Finding that Select Group of Others Who Get and Support You

Curve the Cube Podcast - Finding Your Tribe

On this next solocast for episode #116 of the Curve the Cube podcast, I dive into the idea of building your personal network. It is not only advantageous, but essential (and, thereby, very important) to build yourself a personal network while navigating your passion pursuit. Who else is going to understand your struggles--those times you want to pull your hair out, give up, start questioning EVERYTHING, can't find your way through a seemingly insurmountable obstacle? We are a select tribe, people! And, no one understands our level of crazy (um, I mean "commitment") like another who's in the game right along with us.

So, on this podcast, I talk about the many benefits to be gleamed from forming your network. Then, at the end, I take the "how-to" of creating your own inner circle to The Learning Curve with 3 Ways to Find Your Tribe!

Music Beds courtesy of DJ John Hitta!!!
DJ John Hitta


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