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May 1, 2017

#114 - SOLOCAST - Being Relentless in Your Pursuit - 20170501

#114 - SOLOCAST - Being Relentless in Your Pursuit - 20170501

Being a Bulldog when in Pursuit of Your Dreams (and When NOT to Be)!

Be Relentless in the Pursuit of Your Dreams with the Curve the Cube Podcast

Today's Curve the Cube solocast episode is all about being relentless!! My dad calls it my "bulldog" effect, and I'm going to break down what it means, the dos and don'ts of being relentless, why you shouldn't be afraid to hear "no" (and what to do when you DO hear it), AND my biggest tip for not giving up (which actually can help in any number of life situations, as a matter of fact).

I know the practice of being relentless doesn't come easy for everybody. So the first step is to decide everyday that you will move forward. Give yourself a pat on the back... you've already accomplished your minimal daily productivity by listening to this one episode! Now, when you're done, go out and be relentless in your pursuit of your dreams!

Thanks so much for listening. Remember to find your passion and do your thing with the Curve the Cube podcast!!

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