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April 15, 2017

#113 - ENTERTAINER - Michael 'Spaz' McGoorty - 20170415

#113 - ENTERTAINER - Michael 'Spaz' McGoorty - 20170415

High Energy Examination of How to Get Booked and Make Opportunities Happen!

Entertainer Michael 'Spaz' McGoorty of the Pure Zeppelin Experience on the Curve the Cube Podcast

This super-charged, energy-filled, and insightful Curve the Cube podcast episode is brought to you by the creative electricity flowing unabated through Michael 'Spaz' McGoorty's veins. This is a man who has, through music, acting, and comedy, managed to channel his creative energy into some highly impressive projects. He becomes Robert Plant as he leads The Pure Zeppelin Experience, has starred in Jesus Christ Superstar, and is half of the comedy company duo, Casey 'N' Spaz Comedy with nephew, Casey Peruski.

And, he lends his advice to all fellow curvists as we talk about these three topics that I then take to The Learning Curve at the end:

  1. Getting booked: How do you get booked to do a show when you don't have material to show them; but, then, how do you get material to show them without getting booked?
  2. Helping others as a great way to help yourself
  3. Make your own opportunities happen

And... BIG NEWS!! Spaz has put together a fantastic offer for Curve the Cube's local listeners. If you are a fan of comedy, good times, and good drinks, then you can win a pair of tickets to join me at my special Curve the Cube table for Eats, Drinks, and Laughs on April 26th at the famous Palm Beach Improv!! The headliner that night is going to be Frankie Paul, who is hi-LAR-ious, and there will be a full bar and great music, too. So, enter for your chance to win and enjoy the fun with me, your host, Jaime!!

But, this offer is a contest! So, be sure to get your submissions in by no later than noon EST on Friday, April 21st for YOUR chance to win!!
For more information, head to CurveTheCube.com!

Thanks so much for listening. Remember to find your passion and do your thing with the Curve the Cube podcast!!

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Music Beds courtesy of DJ John Hitta!!!
DJ John Hitta

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