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Feb. 22, 2017

#109 - BONUS - Podfest 2017 Prep - 20170222

#109 - BONUS - Podfest 2017 Prep - 20170222

Host Jaime is Curving her own Cube and Gearing up for PME2017!!

Host Jaime is Curving her own Cube and Gearing up for PME2017

Hey guys! In order to make this podcast an honest resource, it is important for me to share how I'm curving my own cube, too. Well, a must-make-happen item for me for 2017 was to attend at least one podcasting conference this year. It was a BIG, lofty, pie-in-the sky goal that I was determined to make happen, and thanks to Chris Krimitsos and the generous team at Podfest, I'm getting to do just that!!

They have sponsored my ticket for podfest, and I am gearing up... So, take a listen!

It's important, when you are a dreamer wanting to become a doer, not only to take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way, but to do whatever it takes to make the opportunities happen in the first place.

Remember to find you passion and do your thing with the Curve the Cube podcast!!


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