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Jan. 1, 2015

#10 – ACTOR – Amir Arison – 2014-12-26

#10 – ACTOR – Amir Arison – 2014-12-26

South Florida Native Currently Playing Aram on NBC’s The Blacklist!!!

Amir Arison Block

This tenth episode of the Curve the Cube podcast features Amir Arison, also known as "Aram" on NBC’s The Blacklist!!! I had the privilege of going to high school with Amir and getting to see his theatrical potential ignite from an early age. He was simply a STAR!

To watch Amir’s career really blossom and take off over the last several years has been UNBELIEVABLY exciting!! He has breathed life into roles on stage in such productions as The Muscles in Our Toes and on screen with appearances in hits like Jane Wants a Boyfriend, Girls, American Horror Story, Homeland, and Law & Order SVU.  His role as the enthusiastic and precise, yet nervous and self-conscious, Aram on The Blacklist has solidified his national spotlight.  Amir’s years of experience in the entertainment industry have already afforded him a great deal of wisdom, sage advice, and hilarious stories, and he shares so much of all that right here.

Talented, handsome, funny, and charming, Amir is on a bright rise to the top as both an actor and a promising director.  I am so grateful that, on his way up, he stopped by the podcast to reminisce and lend us a dash of his humor and wit to this episode.  Amir lives in New York, but is a Florida boy at heart, and he was so gracious to open his parents’ home to me during the holidays for this podcast.  You are in for a great mix of both laughs and insightful nuggets!


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