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May 19, 2022

#39 Geoff Saab: Low Risk Rules

#39 Geoff Saab: Low Risk Rules

My guest for this episode is Geoff Saab, author of the newly published book Low Risk Rules, A Wealth Preservation Manifesto. If the word “manifesto” gets your attention, that’s exactly what Geoff was hoping for. He really does have a point of view on how to preserve wealth. His ideas apply to all of us, even though he wrote the book primarily for entrepreneurs who had sold their business.   

Our conversation covered a lot of territory. One of the main themes of Geoff’s book and clearly, in his work with clients, is conviction. He has a point of view on the value of understanding and believing in the companies in which his clients invest. More importantly, he believes in going slow to go fast. His back to basics approach is both unusual and refreshing.  

Geoff Saab is a wealth manager who has held various positions in tax, estate planning, and insurance, and now serves clients as a portfolio manager within an investment counsel firm. He spent over a decade working in a single family office, advocating directly on behalf of his clients. With his unique experience of working as both a wealth management industry insider and outsider, he has gained a deep understanding of how the industry works (and doesn’t work) for clients.   

Disclaimer: This podcast is for information and entertainment purposes only. It is not intended to form the basis for any offer for any investment product. There are risks involved in any investment product.

Additional Topics

  • So you sold your business, now what? Where do you invest your money?
  • Entrepreneurs are living so much in risk, it’s hard for them to know anything different.
  • Investment doesn’t have to be risky
  • What do you do with huge blocks of time that you didn’t have before?
  • Prestigious, Exclusive Investments aren’t always what you bargained for
  • “Cool” investments aren’t always about you making money as much as it’s just something cool to be a part of.
  • Concept of conviction 
  • When the whole world is going crazy, do you believe in what you own?
  • Build your portfolio through concept of conviction
  • Changing the mindset of your portfolio looking at it as a safety net. 
  • Basic fundamentals are the core of what makes the little things the big things
  • What you keep out is as important as what you let in

Contact: https://geoffsaab.com/