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Creative Spirits Unleashed

Creative Spirits Unleashed

Creative Spirits Unleashed is about becoming more of who you really are by changing your relationship with mistakes, pressure and criticism and adding more balance to your life.

Recent Episodes

#65 Anne Bartolucci: Let Go of Perfectionism and Sleep Better

Aug. 18, 2023

Anne Bartolucci is my guest for this next episode of the Creative Spirits Unleashed Podcast. She's the author of a book called, " Better Sleep for the Overachiever ." Our conversation touched on lots of the parts of that boo…

#64 Kathy Taylor: The Importance of Coming Back to Center of Safety

Aug. 4, 2023

My guest for this episode of the Creative Spirits Unleashed Podcast is Kathy Taylor of HerdWise Leadership Coaching . We started this conversation with a quote, which launched a very interesting conversation about what it me…

#63 Cathy Woods: The Practical Applications of Yoga

July 14, 2023

Have you ever thought about the practical applications of yoga? My guest for this episode, Cathy Woods of Cathy Woods Yoga , offers tons of practical insights and connections on how yoga can make life better. In fact, this c…

#62: Kymberly Dakin-Neal: The Theory of Curiosity and Listening

June 30, 2023

My guest for this episode is Kymberly Dakin-Neal. She is the author of "Head, Heart, and Hands Listening in Coach Practice." It is available for Pre-Order on Amazon now and will be released by Routledge Publishers on July 4,…

#61: Julie Rains: The Essentials of Growing Wealth

June 16, 2023

My guest for this episode is Julie Rains, author of, "Growing Wealth: Essential Money Lessons from My Garden to Yours." Julie is one of those people who has a real knack for getting down to the essentials of the thing she is…

#60 Lynn Carnes on "Inspire Me Forward"

June 9, 2023

We are turning the tables for this episode of the podcast. In this episode, I’m a guest on Lynda Watson’s Inspire Me Forward program. Lynda started Inspire Me Forward, because she had heard many stories of people taking leap…