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Feb. 16, 2022

Advancing All Women with NextUp's Sarah Alter

Advancing All Women with NextUp's Sarah Alter

The CPG Guys, PVSB and Sri are joined in this episode by Sarah Alter, The President & CEO of NextUp, formerly known as Network of Executive Women, whose mission is to advance all women in business

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Sarah answers these questions:

1) I mentioned that NextUp was a creation of thought leaders within the CPG Retail industry. Would you please walk us through the origins of NextUp and dimensionalize the current size of NextUp in terms of membership, geographic scope, industry verticals, etc.?
2) What are some of the core issues women face in the workplace that NextUp is seeking to address through your resources & activities? How do you measure the impact that you have on these issues?
3) How do companies partner with NextUp and what can they offer to their employees through the partnership? Can individuals join NextUp absent a corporate partnership?
4) You publicly state that men are important partners in realizing the mission of NEW. Please expand on this if you would. How can women enlist men to advance the cause?
5) Let’s explore the networking component of NextUp. Would you dimensionalize why networking is such an important enabling culture to achieve your stated mission and what are some of the core ways that NextUp fosters networking at the community level?
6) What are your members asking NextUp to start tackling from an issues or resources perspective that have you focused on the growth of NextUp?
7) As we mentioned earlier, NextUp has recently announced a major rebranding. What was the motivation behind this effort and what does it mean for your community?
8) Tell us about your radio show & podcast “Advancing All Women.” What types of issues do you explore and where are you sourcing your guests? How is the NextUp community responding to it?

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