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June 4, 2022

Data Clean Rooms with Habu's Matt Kilmartin

Data Clean Rooms with Habu's Matt Kilmartin
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The CPG Guys, PVSB and Sri are joined in this episode by Matt Kilmartin, Co-founder & CEO of Habu, a Data Clean Room software company that makes it seamless for businesses to generate high-value analytics from controlled datasets, while protecting the privacy of consumers and the rights of data owners. 

This episode is sponsored by Habu.

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Matt answers these questions:

1) Take us through your career journey from Akamai to HABU. What prompted you to come here to HABU? Why data & analytics infrastructure leadership?
2) I’d love to go through the history of HABU. Where did you start, what prompted interest in this space? What’s the evolution over time?
3) Let’s decompose the mission statement of HABU - Unlock the true potential of data - Connect to data wherever it lives, even across a disparate universe, all at unparalleled scale. Give us the scoop on what this means to brands, why is HABU a leader in this? We will decompose each of the 3 segments of your offerings later (data model and enrichment, advanced segmentation and privatization, clean room software, customer journey & activation).
4) Let’s now discuss data modeling & enrichments. What are your capabilities in helping brands here and what areas should brands focus on for application of data models? Why are you best qualified to help a brand do this? 
5) Once a good solid data model is built and optimized, segmentation is the next step for focus? What’s the role of 1P data that a brand may have in this? How does HABU help with segmentation? 
6) Give us the 101 on clean rooms since it’s a capability of yours? What can clean rooms enable for your clients, give us data based objective examples of outcomes from clean rooms.
7) How does HABU help a retailer with their data and insights journey? What examples do you have of successful partnerships?
8) What advice do you have for CPG leaders through work you have done and learned with brands? How can they prepare for an uncertain future that we are currently experiencing?

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Matt KilmartinProfile Photo

Matt Kilmartin

Co-Founder & CEO of Habu

Matt Kilmartin is passionate about entrepreneurship and developing technology to help brands in their digital transformation... so much so that he has dedicated 20 years of his career working for innovative software and data companies. He has held a variety of executive leadership roles at Salesforce, Krux, and Akamai.

One of his most meaningful achievements was to lead Krux's go-to-market efforts from less than $1 million in revenue to an $800 million acquisition by Salesforce in less than 5 years.

Today, in the face of massive disruption that is impacting digital marketing, Matt's goal is to help brands enable privacy safe data collaboration that respects consumers, while also evolving their data driven marketing efforts.